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List of fears:

  1. Lean into my fears

  2. TEDx UBCO 2017

  3. Try something that everyone before me failed at

  4. Declare to the other side of the world, to Saudi Arabia, about my current choices in life

  5. Shave my head

  6. Be an entrepreneur

  7. Teach a big Yoga event 

  8. Put a price on one of my paintings and sell it

  9. Make a difference bigger than myself, accept the responsibilities that comes along with it

  10. Get my drivers licence 

  11. Train to do the Ironman triathlon

  12. Spend less than $150 for the entire month

  13. Volunteer in a dog shelter

  14. Steep ski mountains

  15. Visit a fortune teller

  16. Go unnoticed for a day

  17. Dance like no one's watching

  18. Allow myself to get drunk

  19. Live my life for other people 

  20. Go to a bar alone

  21. Cliff jumping 

  22. Saying No to a great opportunity

  23. Go viral

  24. Do labour work

  25. Be in the wildness for a 30 days straight

  26. Tell people my story, the full story

  27. Telling the world I'm bisexual

  28. Sing in front of a crowd of people who know me, and strangers.

  29. Spend my birthday by myself

  30. Try acupuncture

  31. Face disapproval from people I care about (non-intentionally) 

  32. Work all summer, no travelling

  33. Let myself fall in love again

  34. Get hypnotized

  35. Take dancing classes

  36. Walk around in a bikini

  37. Allow random people to tell me what to do

  38. Get a tattoo

  39. Be really underdressed for something

  40. Commit

  41. Live as a nudist

  42. Trust in long-distance relationship

  43. Ride a bike

  44. Ride a mechanical bull on a first date

  45. Losing the financial support from the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education 

  46. Go camping alone

  47. Die my hair with fluorescent colours

  48. Do stand-up comedy

  49. Make decisions by flipping a coin

  50. Look deeper for scary, challenging 50 more fears

  51. Learn how to swim

  52. Make a political post

  53. Fall in love, again.

  54. Water.

  55. Writing my book

  56. Being forgotten

  57. Not speaking up

  58. Failing my expectations of myself

  59. Arriving late to something very important
  60. Stick to the tripe, not do my own thing

  61. Be in a polyamorous relationship

  62. Loosing my identity 

  63. The feeling that I’m falling when I’m a sleep

  64. Stagnating at significance 

  65. That all this pain for nothing

  66. Finding my Dharma 
  67. Loosing him

  68. Apply to Oxford

  69. Pee myself in public

  70. Pose Nude for a drawing class

  71. Not knowing what's next... surrendering to the now.

  72. Getting my Canadian Citizenship

  73. Loosing my Saudi Citizenship

  74. Missing my brother's wedding
  75. Never visiting Saudi Arabia again

  76. Hold a snake 

  77. Loneliness

  78. The woman I'm becoming

  79. Raising my kids without the love I grew up with, without their uncles

  80. Step into sharing my wisdom

  81. Blog the deep intimate stories

  82. Go on 100 dates



















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