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10X My Life
12 Months, 12 Challenges





                                                        I AM OPEN TO RECEIVE FROM THE UNIVERSE 

Trying to make this year EPIC, to PUSH myself even further, DISRUPT the zone of my preferences, 
this post is yet to be finalized, list of challenges is brainstormed at the bottom, in search of more 

Challenges throughout 2017:
✩ No plastic water bottles (no purchasing nor accepting free ones)
✩ Read 33 books (Achieved in 2016, 37 books in 2015)
✩ Create 12 pieces of art; finish The 7 Chakras Paintings Series.

✩ Face 100 fears

Challenges to be added (live off $90/month, write a book, I LOVE/GRATEFUL FOR ........." Challenge; list 30 different things/individuals daily

New things to be added (walk to school/from school, bike around Stanley Park, drive in theatre,  Host a dinner party, Host a party, learn to make Caesar, No drinking month, I want to have something to be experienced on... yoga <3 .? Something that makes me a Crush Course rep, make 30 posts about Saudi Arabia, learn how to swim two kilometres so he can complete the Across the Lake challenge in July.

Challenge: Turn Vegan
Something New: Attend a Burlesque Show
Major events: Present at the UBCO Leadership Conference
Daily life: Prepare for my TEDx talk, prepare workshop for SLC, study, teach and practice yoga, fun read, volunteer with HOPE ,prepare for launching Breaking Boundaries.

Challenge: Golden Sweater: One sweater for the full month. +Start my own business
Something New: Buy a plant
Major events: Speak at TEDx UBCO 2017, Students Union Elections (Running for VP External)
Daily life: Prepare for my TEDx talk, apply for JumpStart Leader, launch Breaking Boundaries Conference, Study for Hell-week , teach and practice yoga, fun read.

Challenge: Fundraise $1000+ for the Canadian Cancer Society
Something New: Belly Piercing
Major events: Successfully host Breaking Boundaries Conference
Daily life: Find venue to speak, study, 7 school projects, teach and practice yoga, fun read.

Challenge: Get my L license 
Something New: Spin class, 9 Round
Major events: Shave my head, in donation for the Canadian Cancer Society, End of 3rd year of Management 
Daily life: Attend The Art of Leadership Conference, Live Case Competition, apply for the Art Walk, study for finals, practice yoga, fun read.

Challenge: Walker to a runner
Something New: Get my DNA tested, 23andMe or MyHeritage,  
Major events: SUMMER BABY! (Start my job as VP External? YAAAS!!!)
Daily life: (Paint for the art walk?) yoga me, YTT workshop, Leaderscast, fun read, adventure!

Challenge: Live off teaching yoga and/or selling paintings only!

Something New: Loan money on Kiva, host a Jam Session Yoga Class
Major events:
Daily life: teach and practice yoga, fun read, adventure!

Challenge:  Have a conversation with a stranger everyday
Something New: Skydiving
Major events: 
Daily life: teach and practice yoga, fun read, adventure!

Challenge: Learn something new everyday (things I'm know nothing about. Crash Course? Khan Academy?)  
Something New: Dive in the Okanagan Lake
Major events: Shambhala Festival
Daily life: teach and practice yoga, fun read, adventure!

Something New: 
Major events: Starting 4th year of Management 
Daily life: study, Join Moksha, teach and practice yoga, fun read.

Challenge: Press to Hand Stand
Something New:
Major events: My Birthday
Daily life: complete birthday dares, study, teach and practice yoga, fun read.

Challenge: Learn to ski red-level Hills 
Something New:
Major events: Canadian Conference on Student Leadership, Nov23-25, theme: Start with Why.
Daily life: study, teach and practice yoga, fun read.

Something New: Spend Christmas Break like no other 
Major events: End of Experimenting Year, Life inventory,

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