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Radical Self Love

5-day virtual retreat to fall madly in love with ALL parts of you & be UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU.


It's time to have a love affair with yourself.

An invitation for your heart and body to release some of the trauma or wounding that is keeping you from living the life you desire and getting what you've always wanted.

An invitation to...

feel more relaxed, calm and peaceful.

experience more happiness, joy and confidence.

tear down the walls keeping you from living fully and wholeheartedly.

An invitation to a revolution.

An invitation to become unstoppable.

An invitation to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU.

February 22nd-26th at 5:00 PM PST (75-min)



5-days RETREAT Details

There are those parts of us that we love, that we’re proud of, that we allow others to see. But it can be hard to love the parts of us that failed, that said the wrong thing, the part of us that disappointed someone, failed to meet someone’s expectations or our own expectations of ourselves. This retreat is a journey of recovery with the parts of you that you're are ashamed of, that are not enough, not worthy nor lovable.

We are being even more confronted with our thoughts and emotions in these times of isolation and physical distancing. We are no longer able to be distracted from what’s happening but rather being invited to pay attention. This retreat will give you the space and tools to meet yourself with radical self-love, compassion and grace. That means not only loving the good parts of yourself, the successful parts but also making a radical commitment to loving ALL of your humanity! 

Real transformation happens not by fixing or changing who you are, but rather extending radical unconditional love & acceptance to ALL parts of you.

Radical self-love comes from embracing and integrating all parts of ourselves while making empowered conscious choices about what we express. It is through developing awareness of the conditionings and the pain from the past that you can reclaim and share your authentic unapologetic self with the world! It's through radical self-love that you let yourself share your unique magic! 


DAY 1. A Resurrection from Self-loathing. Shed the self-criticism habit that has led you to stress, depression, shame, fear of failure, limiting and holding you back from achieving what you desire.


DAY 2. Radical Embodied Self-love. Experience a deep emotional release through a breathwork practice to forgive the past, the parts of you that are not worthy of love, mend the broken heart, and restore your natural capacity for love and intimacy.


DAY 3. A Love Affair. Learn to see yourself with a sense of awe and wonder. Learn to fall in love with yourself and your unique magic, radically! When you're in a love affair with yourself, you become more powerful, radiant and confident.

DAY 3. The Love Mastery Method. Build self-trust, turn on a loving sequence of thoughts, and learn how to regulate your criticism, emotions and frustration with yourself so that regardless of the circumstances, you remain present, open-hearted and compassionate to you.

DAY 5: Radical Self-Love Ceremony. Grounding in this new level of cellular self-love, celebrating and practicing in community letting your unapologetic self SHINE. 


There will be breathwork, meditation, journaling playbooks, a FB community and time to connect.

 when & where:

February 22nd-26th at 5:00 PM PST (75-min)

Virtually, on zoom lands, (recordings will be made available )


About me: Hi, Amal here.. I’ve spent almost a decade and over 10,000 hours healing, teaching and overcoming religious, societal and political oppression. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, I got into a fixed marriage at the age of 18. In 2013, I filed for divorce and moved to Canada, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. On my journey, I've been redefining the past, reclaiming my body, my love and trust in myself, opening my heart to love and life again, and showing up to be in service to our humanity. I know how it feels to play small, to hide, feel less, not enough, hell I still catch myself at it. Radical self love is a practice, and it's one of my favorite things to hold others in. I truly believe that if we heal our body, we can heal the systems that no longer serve, heal the world, and birth new systems and ways of being. 

“In a society that says,
'Put yourself last,' 
self-love and self-acceptance are almost revolutionary.”

- brené brown

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