Unleash Yourself 2021 & Beyond
An indepth, planning and goal setting workshop. 

You can join us expecting:
- A thoughtful reflection of 2020.
- Desires, goals and intentions for 2021.
- A break down of your Audacious (and probably ambiguous) “Someday” Goal, your vision for yourself and our humanity. Bringing it to how it would look like to work towards it in 2021
- A release of fears, playing small patterns, limiting beliefs, negative thoughts, and judgments about yourself.
- Strategically prioritized and full rounded planing and goal setting process for your year + brillant tools and community to support you.

Together, we take what we learnt from 2020, step into 2021, alive, fierce and hopeful.

What is Included: 
- Exclusive 2021 Strategic Planning Toolkit
- A Three hours workshop
- Quarterly Mastermind Group Meetings. A community of like minded people, connections and inspirations. This is to keep community, accountability, and be able to celebrate each other. Our Unleashed Community Mastermind Meetins are as follows:

  • March 28th 10:00am PST
  • 1:00pm ESTJune 27th 10:00am PST
  • 1:00pm ESTSep 26th 10:00am PST | 1:00pm EST

What others have said about Unleash Yourself 2021:

"Insightful, practical, and soulful, Unleash Yourself was an incredible way to set my life and my year on track.

As someone who prides himself at always striving to be their best self, Unleash Yourself was different than other goal setting courses that I'd taken before. Rather than just skimming the surface of intention and goal setting, Amal's course dove deep. It helped me better focus and structure the important things I want to strive for in my life, and how each priority looked like. While at the same time helped me reflect on the underlying challenges and core beliefs that are holding me back from seeing my dreams come true.I would recommend this course to anyone ready to get real with themselves to start to move their lives forward for the better."
- Ryan Lancaster, Founder & CEO, Leadstack.io

"Amal’s workshop 'Unleash Yourself 2021 & Beyond' was worth every dollar I paid and more. I came away with a clear vision for my business for the next week, month, quarter, year, and beyond! The embodiment tools, visualization exercises, and strong leadership all contributed to an valuable experience. Amal has a uniquely capable, fun, beautiful voice among others in the motivational and time management space!"
- Kyle Melody @kylemelody

"With an incredible blend of depth, gentleness and thoroughness, Amal leads you on a journey that guides you to discover the most important focus of your life path right now. I found the whole process to be enjoyable and rewarding in showing me the gems I need to polish this year going forward into the life I desire. Highly recommended way to get clarity and a detailed map of your year ahead!"
- Meredith McKelvie, A Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

"I have done goal setting the wrong way all this time! Which explains why I've failed over and over again. Amal's Unleash Yourself workshop had each part of the puzzle laid out so intentionally and with purpose. Her brilliant workshop, deep knowledge of goal setting, inner and outer game left me feeling both equipped and empowered. THIS IS THE WORKSHOP worth your investemnt, and I highly recommend it. I know this year is going to be different; I deeply feel elevated, focused and aligned."
- Mariam K.

Beyond this online workshop, you will recieve invitations to our three live (virtual) Community Quarterly Check-in meetings.

Much love and light to you and your 2021,

Unleash Yourself 2021 and Beyond

C$150.00 Regular Price
C$75.00Sale Price