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Amal Alhuwayshil
VP External


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Polling will take place

March 1st and 2nd.

 9am - 4pm
Wednesday & Thursday
UNC Theatre and Arts Foyer

Don't forget your Student ID.

Amal Alhuwayshil
for VP External

Program: Management

Year of Study: Third

Fun Fact: 

I am shaving my head in April, in support of Canadian Cancer Society 

As a student at UBCO, a woman from Saudi Arabia, and a young professional, I am always eager to find opportunities to passionately advocate for the empowerment of all people. With my relationship with the diverse groups of students,  my involvement in the community, and my public speaking skills, including my upcoming TED talk at TEDxUBCO 2017, I believe that my previous encounters are purposed to prepare me to run for VP External.


The responsibility of the VP External is to oversee and coordinate external advocacy activities such as relationships with external organizations, relations between the Student Union and the University and external policies. 

Fun Story! 

It all started with a dare, Oct 11, 2016, my birthday, when I received a dare to get involved in students politics and the Student Union. I started looking at the positions and what each entail. Right then and there, I found the role of VP External, a role that resonates with me, with what motivate me, my mission, my ambition, and what I wake up for everyday; eager to find opportunities to passionately advocate for the equality and empowerment of all people.


Later that same month, I was approached by Kelly Taverner, VP External 2015/2016, to work with her closely on Breaking Boundaries, which is an initiative she started through her role as VP External.


This have snowballed into a dream, to take my passion, along with my previous experiences and current involvements into a role that serves the students on a large scale, and if students believe that I am the right person to represent them through this role, it is a responsibility I will take with great honour.


believe that courage can change the status quo, and with thinking differently, I aspire for something better, that we can do next, together.

EXPERIENCE: The highlights of 3 years of working with students, campus partners, community organizations, clubs, and student's initiatives.

Leadership and Civic Engagement ILC, Member

UBCO Students Housing and Hospitality, Resident Advisor 

Students Leadership Conference 2016, Speaker

Campus Recreation/Hangar Fitness Centre, Sub teacher

Intercultural Development Program, Member

HOPE Outreach Programme, Volunteer

UBCO Yoga Club, Exec + Yoga Teacher

Students Leadership Conference 2017, Speaker

Breaking Boundaries Conference, Chief of Operations

TEDx UBCO 2017, Speaker


Our campus is not only changing the future of its students, but also shaping the future of the Okanagan. Thus, and based on the three values of my platform, those are some action items I urge you to hold me accountable for:

- Build a sustainable relationship between the university and the Kelowna community 

- Create a welcoming environment for the community to get involved and engaged in events facilitated by students on and off campus 

- Facilitate more opportunities for student engagement outside the classroom with their student union and with the community. 

- Take the transparent relationship between the student and the Students Union to more engaging one, in this place of mind, my mind, my actions and my heart are open to anyone.

- Continue in establishing a legacy for the students, the university and the community, as well as carry forward the legacies of predecessors, 

VP External 2015/16, Kelly Taverner, Breaking Boundaries Conference

VP External 2016/17, Kimberly Rutledge, "Our Bodies, Our Voice" Campaign

- There is space for tremendous potential, and we are already making an impact. Nevertheless, with better use of the money allocated to organizations such as Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), I believe we can create more opportunities to enhance the students affairs and experiences. 


Connecting The Dots:

1. A large responsibility of the VP External is to: "liaise and develop relationships with external organizations."
***Although I've lived in Kelowna for three years now, I had the pleasure of meeting the mayor in 2015, and plan to continue build a sustainable relationship with the city of Kelowna that best serves the students, with the goal of transforming Kelowna from a university stop to a potential home with the possibilities created.  As well as, create a welcoming environment for the community to get involved and engaged in events facilitated by students on and off campus 

***Sponsorships; from in-kind-sponsorships such as ski passes to the UBCO Refugee Program, as we aspire for them to integrate into the community rather than merely provide them with basic necessities, to ensuring the food supplies to both the program and our students. The fact that 30% of our students have problems with availability of food, based on VOICE1 surveys, is a call of action. 
*** By utilizing the best of the resources, creating business to business relationships, which with the connections I have created in the Okanagan, the experience I have as a young professional and through working with non-for-profits such as Breaking Boundaries, I believe that I can bring value to the students, SUO Executive team, and the community

2. Another portion of the VP External role is to: "represent and advocates for the students in external activities", thus, to be comfortable and well spoken is necessary to sit in various meetings and conferences and represent the student body.
*** I believe that with my public speaking skills, namely speaking TEDx, leadership conferences, being an advocate through taking part in the Intercultural Development Program and various off campus roles I am better fit for the role of VP External

3. A huge responsibility is to "Attend meetings of relevant local, provincial, national or international student groups";
*** with my involvement with diverse groups on campus and in the community, I have broader understanding and experience the bore into this responsibility 
 *** This is when defederating from the CFS plays a role, an organization that is a waste of the students time and money, I ask you to keep in mind that it is the VP External role to carry on with the persuaders, nevertheless, it is not her/his sole decision to go through with defederating, unless with the collective agreement from the rest of the team and the board.
Thus, the alternative path is that I oblige to pursuit, if elected, is to join organizations such as ADVOCAN, to better advocates for students in issues such as the Canada Student Loans Program, the International Students Fees, and increasing funding for students initiatives.

Please contact me if you have any questions, lets further discuss the future of your students and university.

When? 9am - 4pm Wednesday and Thursday
Where? in the UNC Theatre and Arts Foyer
*** bring your student ID

One thing to carry me forward, is the true value that we can bring to the society and the impact that will amplify to the rest of the word by our students.


Sarah Daniels,
Fourth Year BA Honours Psychology
UBCO Yoga Club President

" I would not hesitate to back Amal for any position of leadership and have no doubt in my mind that she would be an efficient and effective VP External.
 Anyone can come up with an idea, but the ability to see it through to fruition is a much rarer skill. Amal is a person who not only has the vision and creativity to propose effective solutions but also the determination and work ethic to get the job done. She holds the unique ability to see the big picture with a broad vision while also considering each important detail. It was an obvious choice to ask Amal to act as an executive member of the UBCO Yoga Club, and her passion and capability produces matchless results not only in her role in the club but in every venture she takes on."
Jaclyn Salter,
General Manager of the Women's Resource Centre
"I had the pleasure of meeting Amal in our first year in campus in the Leadership and Civic Engagement ILC. She was already enthusiastic about being involved in the community, and I was absolutely awed when she listed off her involvements on and off campus. I have watched her only deepen that engagement until today.

I value Amal’s judgement, and her well-spokenness. If you want someone who will listen to the people she works with, has the ability to establish connections UBCO will value, and will do her utmost best to represent the students of UBCO in a way they would be proud of, then vote for Amal Alhuwayshil for VP External."
May Ly
Third Year BSc Psychology Peer Mentor Collegia Assistant

"Vote for Amal for VP External on March 1st-2nd!-
I've had the pleasure of knowing Amal since our first year through the Leadership & Civic Engagment ILC. From the start of my university experience, I've known her as a go-getter in life and have seen her achieve so much in her time at UBCO. Amal will bring an insightful and fresh perspective to the VP External position as she has a diversity of experience to draw from, including the UBCO Yoga Club, the Breaking Boundaries conference, speaking at UBCO TedX, and facilitating workshops at the UBCO Student Leadership Conference, to name a few. Amal is an inspiring and driven person, and I know she will strive for excellence in serving the SUO. She is competent, goal-driven, and will advocate in the best interest of students."
Miguel Da Silva Capela,
Residence Advisor

"I remember the first time I met Amal and being taken aback by her straightforward honesty and boldness.
I recall how much effort she would put into getting to know me and being friends. In particular I think I admired how much she was always interested in hearing everyone's story, everyone's side of things. Amal is a person with a heart of gold, and a calm soul; the kind of person people can both walk with and be led by. She knows how to take the needed second to breathe and she can teach you as well. To sum up Amal I think one of my favourite memories of her will help. In a team of 11 people, who had been just brought together and knew each other very little, we sat behind The Jammery in a circle as Amal taught us how to meditate through our breathing, we all had a blast and were laughing and at the center of our attention was the Amal.
To say she would be a good candidate for our student union  would be an understatement; she has all the making to continue being a great addition to UBCO."

Malin Anderson,
Research Assistant
"I have had the great pleasure of knowing Amal since her very first week at UBCO.
Since then, I have seen her explore and challenge herself with a never-ending enthusiasm. With a positive attitude, high ambitions and a talent for building social networks, I believe she will do great as VP External.
Amal is the kind of person that not only has great ideas and visions but that also gets things done; if she says she will do something- she does!"
Jordy Decker.
Third year English Major, Gender Studies Minor
Video and Production Coordinator and MC of the TEDxUBCO 2017
KickStart Orientation Coordinator 2017

"I have had the great pleasure of befriending and working with Amal in the Leadership and Civic Engagement Integrated Living Community as well during her sessions in preparation to speak at the TEDxUBCO 2017 conference. In a more personal and general sense, Amal is incredibly kind, likeable and personable. She is passionate about self-growth, community-growth and global-growth – and takes note of how all of these are connected. In a professional sense, Amal take constructive criticism very well and always looks to compromise and prioritize positive outcomes for the larger group, rather than focusing on her own preferences.
After reading through the requirements, it is clear that Amal would be an excellent choice for the Vice-President External role. I feel confident in her ability to positively represent UBC’s Okanagan Campus’s student body’s values in an utmost inclusive and fair way. I also believe Amal has well-intended drive to take on this role as she truly cares about further improving the external relationships of our campus and community in order to improve UBC’s presence as a whole."

Nick Huertas
Second year PPE Major,
Peer Support Network

"As a former resident in Valhalla second floor, I first met Amal as my RA during my first year in our Okanagan campus. Throughout my residency in Val 2, she proved herself to be approachable, open-minded, creative, kindhearted, and passionate about making our campus a better place and ensuring we all, as both residents and her friends, had the best possible university experience. This year, as an active participant with several campus volunteer organizations, I’ve met with Amal time and again at various campus events, and every time, she had new ideas and was working on new plans to contribute to our community, such as participating in this year’s TEDxUBCO Talk, participating in Rejoice, and many other accomplishments. Therefore, I wholeheartedly endorse Amal for VP External, and I firmly believe that she will represent student interest to the best of her ability, and contribute to helping the SUO meet the needs of our student body"
Jess Webb
2nd Microbiology Major
UBCO Beats Musical Director
"I have known Amal since my first day on campus, and in the time since then I have been able to see her visible and obvious impact on campus.
Amal is always finding new ways to support the various initiatives that shape the student experience. From the TEDxUBCO conferences and UBCO Student Leadership Conference to the Yoga Club and her various events as a residence advisor, she is aware and understanding of the different strengths, interests, and needs of every student at UBC Okanagan.
I am confident that as VP External, she will not only be able to, but excel at advocating for all students with the University and greater community."

Lexy Müller Morán

Second year Chemistry Major,

Chemistry Ambassador for the Chemistry Department

"I’ve known Amal from the first day I set foot on this campus. There are so many things I could say about Amal, and how much she impacted my first year here at UBCO. As someone who moved away from home for university, I found solice in having an RA and friend like Amal that I could confide in and have at the tip of my fingers for anything and everything. I would spend hours in her room and in times where I thought my world was moving too fast and constantly spinning, Amal would help me pause, breathe, and reflect on everything and would always help me work my way to a solution. Amal has one of the biggest and kindest hearts and always puts others before herself. She’s ambitious, passionate, and very, very, VERY driven, and has a plethora of ideas in that head of hers. She constantly is thinking outside of the box and I think that’s something that the SUO really needs right now in addition to all the great things they have already established and do for us. The number one thing that always resonates in my head is Amal constantly stressing the importance of inclusion, and I believe that is truly one of her core foundations in her every day life. Add that to the large diversity of experiences she has, and you’ve got one heck of a VP External. It is the perfect position for Amal and I am confident that she will do her best in representing us all, given everything she has to offer. I am 100% #teamAmal"

Sebastian Cardoch
Fourth year Physics major

"I think Amal is a great candidate to represent our campus as a VP External.
I know Amal as a friend and I see great commitment in all her involvements. I admire Amal’s passion and hunger for new experiences and see her ability to make connections with people as an asset when representing our student union externally."
Emma Mcleod,
Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies
"Amal is full of the energy and passion that the SUO needs. This amazing gal is juggling more than most can carry - but with pleasure, excitement, and gratitude. It’d be a pleasure to have her represent us."
Joseph Raitano
By day: a student trying to balance academics with extra curriculars;  Marketing Director for TEDxUBCO
JDC West academic competitor.
By night: Usually found making up for the procrastination committed during the day.

"Knowing Amal for only a few months is like knowing her forever. From the first moment everything she says and does is authentic and based on her own experiences. That is why I believe she is the best candidate for this position: she takes her experiences and combines them with a unique attitude to form a creative solution that not only solves the problem, but does so in a way you or I never thought possible. I believe her skills are necessary to be successful in her position which is why on March 1st, I will be voting for Amal."
Morgan Albo
Faculty of Management Alumni 
"For as long as I've known Amal she's been surprising me; I've watched her grow and transform into a woman who is fearless, who stands for her beliefs and who goes after what she wants. If there's an obstacle in her way she has the uncanny ability to turn it into an asset and get to her goal in a whole new way. Amal puts her all into every project she takes on; as my resident I watched her participate in every campus event she could, and as my co-worker in RezLife she put everything she had into planning awesome events for other people. She's the only person I know who is brave enough to face time square on New Year's Eve by herself, and who is adventurous enough to go on a back packing trip through South America on her own and come back a yoga teacher. If you want someone who can get things done and do them with style, vote Amal."
Kurtis Todd
Third year Managment Student

"I had the privilege of meeting Amal at the beginning of this year in management. Throughout the school year, I have had the opportunity to work alongside Amal in several classes. She brings valuable insight and creativity to a variety of different projects with the ability to have a comprehensive vision of the end product while still focusing on the details. I have also listened to Amal present, and she can convey her ideas and thoughts in a clear and concise manner.
With her diverse background, high degree of community involvement, attention to detail and genuine heart I am confident that Amal will be an excellent ambassador for the University - as VP External who will ensure that students are put first."
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