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April 29, 2020

I haven't had a drink since March 3rd. I wondered how a glass of wine would taste like right now, how much emotions would it numb faster, and would it change anything if I reach the bottom of the bottle, and probably... the antioxidants would be good for me.


December 31, 2019

The Loss...

2019, I leave this deep sense of loss with you.

Oh Canada, do you remember the first time we met? At the Vancouver airport, Sep 16th, 2013. I had three giant pink suitcases, I wore a full Islamic cover with a pink headscarf, and pink rosy glasses. I remember...

September 23, 2019

Home. On this day, take me home, take me to my homeland.

On this day, I cry. In pain, and yearnings to be on the lands where I was born.

On this day, I scream. In anger and frustration for the injustices that happen for those who’ve lived, those who are living, and those...

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