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Liberated Woman

Join us for a 3-weeks sexual healing, reclamation and liberation circle.
It's time to reclaim your Sexuality, walk in your femeinei radiance

Trauma-informed space to shed shame, connect to your sexual power, feel the aliveness and pleasure inside your body, and tap into your untamed self-expression.

(Open to all women and vulva-bodied people.)


More play, pleausre and 

  • You feel drawn to heal, feel connected to your body, and experience more pleasure, peace and aliveness.

  • You are ambitious, creative and a high achiever, but you crave to be in your faminie raidance, feel sensiual and confident in your body

  • have more pleasure and 

  • more pleasure, sensuality and play in your life. 

  • You've healed, overcame and achieved a lot, but you still know in your bones there's more to you.

  • You still hold yourself back, shrink, play small, downsize your dreams and desires and feel unsafe to show up and be seen in your power.

  • You’re lit up by the idea of having more pleasure, joy and nourishment in your life.

✷You grew up with restrictive beliefs about your body, your sexuality and your pleasure.

✷You are feeling disconnected from your body, always in your head, worrying, wanting certainty,  and calculating the past and your next move.
✷You're hard on yourself and feel shame for not being more “feminine”, “confident”, “creative”, or “further ahead”. 
✷ You desire to live your life to the fullest, reclaim your feminine radiance, feel confident, powerful and brave.





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