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How often do you find yourself worrying, afraid to take action, desiring certainty and can't seem to trust yourself? Join us to build and cultivate radical self-trust,  trust in the face of uncertainty and activate your inner courage.


When you start to see someone or in the face of a new opportunity, do you get triggered and create the same old patterns? Join us to open your heart love, life and opportuinties.

How often do you find yourself exhausted, unmotivated, with no energy to do what you desire? Join us to feel aliveness, plug & tend to your energy leaks, and find flows of energy though your body.

course Details

Wednesdays at 12:00 PM PST (60-min)

January 12: Love.

January 19: Trust.

January 26: Energy.

(recordings will be made available)



$75 CAD (apporx. $59 USD) 

Join Unleash Yourself 2022 & Beyond community and get free access to Anchored + more!

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