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Unleash Yourself 2023 & Beyond

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Unleash Yourself 2023 & Beyond A year journey to bring your business vision & your dreams to life. Visibility | Money | Impact YOU WILL LEAVE WITH: TL;DR: A juicy AF strategic plan, a release of blocks, and a clear action steps to follow. - An assessment of your 2022 and long term goals - Clear action steps for achieving each goal and the resources required for success - Connect manifesting miracles and the devotion of showing up and taking actions - Strategic plan for your business, and detailed action plan for the 1st quarter - An embodied exercise to release blocks and call in high power support - Prioritisation tool to give you space to feel grounded, create WHAT'S INCLDED: - A kickoff 2-HR SUMMIT DAY (Sun, Jan 8th, 10:30 AM PST) - recorded - Three 90-min Quarterly Planning Calls to ground, reflect and plan for the next quarter (Sundays Mar 26th, Jun 25th, Sep 24th, 10:30 AM PST) - recorded - Three key modules + Strategic Planning Toolkit & Playbooks - A Year-end 90-min Closing Ceremony (Sun, Dec 17, 10:30 AM PST) - recorded Time to bring your heart, soul and brilliant CEO mind together. JOIN US FOR $111 Join us for the community, high-level coaching, and my signature Unleashed approach. Together, we take what we learnt from 2022, and step into 2023, in alignment, clarity and courage.

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