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All one needs is



A woman,
A public speaker,

A business student,

A yoga teacher,

An artist,
A life scaler,
A risk taker,
Amal, is my name,  آمـال  is how it looks like in my mother tongue, Arabic. Meaning in English? Hope. Meaning in Spanish? Esperanza


Welcome to my "I AM" page

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I am very delighted to share this significant life event with all of you,

I am giving a talk at TEDx UBCO 2017, Feb 26

I would be honoured to see more of your familiar loving faces,

to have your support and to share this day with you.

I am thrilled to be working with Kelly Taverner and Kathleen MacKinnon to present a conference to celebrate International Women’s Day. 

BREAKING BOUNDARIES is a conference for young leaders, professionals and community advocates to come together to network, celebrate, and inspire one another. Our goal is for this conference to facilitate a space where success can be cultivated through networking and mentorship, to create an environment where interaction and connection is encouraged, and to develop a mindset where inspiration and collaboration is at the forefront.

I am going bold April 4th, 2017
Cut For The Cure
Link to donate coming soon!


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