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rebirth: Total Freedom From The Past

7 weeks program to Total Freedom From the Past

an 8-week Journey to heal in profound ways the pain from the past, familial, religious and societal trauma to set yourself free. 

An invitation for your heart and body to release some of the trauma or wounding that is keeping you from living the life you desire and getting what you've always wanted.

An invitation to...

cultivate your inner courage

experience more happiness, joy and confidence.

tear down the walls keeping you from living fully and wholeheartedly.

We will dive into the heart of the issues that affect you subconsciously, you will learn the one habit you need to change to reach your highest potential, goals, and deepest desires.

An invitation to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU.

February 22nd-26th at 5:00 PM PST (75-min)



7-weeks Group Program

For you if:

  • You know in your bones there’s more to you and to life, and you're ready to create it!

  • You've said “no more” to a relationship, a belief system, a career path, and your old ways of being.

  • You have been told who should and shouldn't be, but now you're ready to prioritize yourself.

  • You're always trying to prove something to someone; that you are enough, worthy and deserving.

  • You feel disconnected from your body, always in your head, calculating the past and your next move. 

  • You desire to be intimate with yourself, learn & name your desires, goals and purpose here on earth.

  • You feel called for deep healing to release fear, shame, and guilt so that you can step into your power.

  • You want to experience more confidence, be unapologetically you, in your power &

  • You want to untamed self-expression.

  • You’re lit up by the idea of feeling connected to your body and having even more pleasure, play & joy.

If you felt a "YES!!" or resonance in your body, you're in the right place.

How It Works?

The essence of the heart is courage, but when we allow the mind to guide us through life, we conform to global, cultural and societal ways of being, we get trapped into the past mind that only knows to create and recreate past experiences. All those things can limit us from reaching our highest potential. The goal of this program is to channel your inner courage and remove all the barriers to your already perfect and whole self, creating lasting change that enables you to fully show up to yourself and life.

ON THIS Journey:


There will be breathwork, meditation, journaling playbooks, a FB community and time to connect.

Self-Awareness, Reflection & Release

1st Gate: Heal Your Story, Heal Your Life. / ​Deep dive into self-discovery, your deep desires and wants 

  • Cultivate self-trust, Self-love and compassion

  • Releasing your core limiting belief, fears, self-doubts and old patterns that no longer serve you.

  • Healing and liberating you from familial, cultural, religious, and/or societal dynamics.

About me: Hi, Amal here.. I’ve spent almost a decade and over 10,000 hours healing, teaching and overcoming religious, societal and political oppression. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, I got into a fixed marriage at the age of 18. In 2013, I filed for divorce and moved to Canada, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. On my journey, I've been redefining the past, reclaiming my body, my love and trust in myself, opening my heart to love and life again, and showing up to be in service to our humanity. I know how it feels to play small, to hide, feel less, not enough, hell I still catch myself at it. Radical self love is a practice, and it's one of my favorite things to hold others in. I truly believe that if we heal our body, we can heal the systems that no longer serve, heal the world, and birth new systems and ways of being. 

 when & where:

More Details about the Program

EAch module content drops on Sundays.

Live (zoom) calls are on Thursdays at 10:30am PST | 1:30 pm EST | 6:30 pm GMT

We start on May 14th, 2021

The investment 

This 8 week journey is $699 (tax included) 

Payment Plans of $375 x2 or $250 x3

available HERE!

Virtually, on zoom lands, (recordings will be made available )


Early Bird Pricing at $750


3 or 6 montly instalments are available. Please contact me at with "Payment Plan Request" to receive the link.

What's included:​​​

  • Pre-recorded lectures, practices and journaling workbooks.

  • (7) Weekly 60-min Group Coaching Calls (Wednesdays 12:00 PM PST).​​

  • One 60-min private coaching session with Amal (to be scheduled).​​

“In a society that says,
'Put yourself last,' 
self-love and self-acceptance are almost revolutionary.”

- brené brown

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