Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

For many of us, imposter syndrome has become an impossibility syndrome. Keeping us playing small, self-sabotaging, feeling like a fraud in our careers, afraid to speak up and be seen, and undervaluing our skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Then, at the end of the day, we sit and judge ourselves for not being more “successful”, “creative”, or “further ahead”. 


You know in your bones there’s more to you, to your life, and to your career. You have dreams and visions for yourself, your community, and our humanity. Yet, you are feeling overpowered by imposter syndrome and self doubts. Join us to reclaim your power. Learn how to recognize impostor syndrome in yourself and others, and explore practical tools and strategies to triumph over your impossibility syndrome. In this workshop, Amal will guide you through a profound tool to embody a more empowering mindset. So that you can fully show up and flourish in your life and your career.


1. The Four types of Imposter Syndrome and how it's impacting you daily.

2. Understanding your nervous system & and how to work with it. 

3. Powerful embodied practice to shift your mindset, emotions, & how you show up.




Amal Alhuwayshil, founder of I’m All Courage, is a TEDx speaker, an international coach, and recently named Top 40 Under 40 by Kelowna Chamber of Commerce. Amal was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, moved to Canada in 2013, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. After a courageous journey of overcoming religious, societal and political oppression, she naturally found herself in leadership positions. Oftentimes trusting in her capacity to lead, yet feeling the need to perfect, over perform, and prove her value and worth. Feeling like an imposter in her personal life and career, Amal embarked on another journey to reclaim her power. Today, she is helping leaders connect to their bodies, harness their inner courage, look fear in the eyes, and do it anyways. Amal uniquely combines the teachings of neuroscience and modern psychology with the ancient wisdom of Tantra. She shows up everyday believing that if we all healed our bodies, we can heal the world.

Amal gave this workshop as a guest speaker with the Women In Leadership Foundation.

If you desire to share what came up for you from the workshop, I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to reach me at alhuwayshil.a@gmail.com

If you desire a 1:1 journey with Amal, feel free to book a complementary discovery session. This is a no-strings attached call, but rather to see if we are in alignment to work together.

On this call, you can ask any questions, and we will step into a mini practice to see what's alive for you that is triggering imposter syndrome or other limiting believes about yourself. You will leave feeling resourced, more understanding and in connection to your body, and some tools to guide you forward.