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From the Kingdom of Male, I came...  

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the green passport, the red lights

This is my personal dilemma, my personal story...
Born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Moved to Canada from the Kingdom of Men in 2013, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. Ever since then, I have been trying to find myself as a person, as woman, as an adult. Women back in Saudi Arabia are treated as minors throughout their entire lives according to the Guardian System which means that women can't pursue various rights like acquiring education, traveling, or even opening a bank account unless permitted by her male guardian who is typically a father, husband, brother or even a son. The struggle to find my own journey, away from all the social conditioning and cultural restrictions that are embedded within me, facing them and fighting every day. 

I have dared greatly to live my life, ​to make my own choices and to make it mine. My first battle was with the Hijab, the Vail, the Islamic symbol that defines a muslim woman. It's a part of me, a part of who I am, was and always will be.

This is a part of my story, who I am today, who I am to people in Saudi Arabia... who I am to the other side of the world.. 

The Fabric Shield 
The Female World 
On Display

Want to learn more, watch my TEDx talk here... 

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