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The Leap

Step into Softness


Values: Achievement - Courage - Exuberance (ACE)

COURAGE Courage  School of Courage Courage COURAGE

Right stage, right audience, out in the world, I'm here for big things

Journal with the intention for your book.

Tie loose ends, long living wishes ~Budget + Money comes easily and frequently =)
Learn about feminism + Activism, Movements and Leadership


Weekly Rituals: 168 hours a week breakdown: (revised in May)

Sleep: 50 hours
Friends, family & love: 10 hours

Learning, reading & workshops: 15 hours

Office Hours 20 hours

Special Projects: 15 hours (Paint, write, speak, teach yoga)

Dance: 5 hours

Yoga: 9 hours

Gym: 5 hours

Self-care: 8 hours

Cook: 8 hours (1 hour groceries - 2 hours smoothies - 5 hour cooking)
Sit Still/Beach time: 10 hours

Adventure: 8 hours

Junk time: 2 hours

..... once, or twice - or hammer down focus on it

Brush teeth, & flaws

Major _known_ Events:
✩ Graduation 

✩ PGWP and PR Process 
✩ Relationship: Heal through love, conversations and intimacy 
✩ Yoga: Teach - Practice - Learn
✩ Creativity : Photography project - 7 Chakras paintings - Dance with Femme Fetal - Write - Speak

Lil Goals:

Drink water <3

Find a spot, a coffee shop where ideas can have sex.

Lil projects:

GRATEFUL FOR .........

Make 30 posts about Saudi Arabia

30 days of focussing on making this one particular person happy

Seek Opportunities to Speak 

✩ Make a book about favourite memories about someone, Christmas gift


January - February - March - April


Physical Body (expressing my art and desire, healing, dancing, yoga, gym, being expressive)

Dance: Wednesday and Thursday, biweekly Saturdays 

Yoga: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Gym: Monday, Wednesday - Spin ~

Something New:

Jan: Driving lessons, Living Things Festival - Crypto w/ Rowan - Kabsa Night

Feb: Victoria Yoga Conference - My Saudi friend - 

Major Events: 

April: Finishing responsibilities -

March: Public Speaking Competition w/Jaycees? - Memoir Writing Workshop -

Daily life:

Be with him <3 - UBCSUO - Working with Tamara - Network with the intention to speak - Going to Dale's - Women's & New Moons Circles - Spin - Ski - cook - Squats,Crunches&Planks 


Healing - Dancing with Femme Fetale


May -  June - July - August


My emotional body, spiritual body, and mental body. At the official end of long term commitments

Something New:  bike around Stanley Park - Drive in theatre - Mom's visit!

Major events: Completion of all responsibilities - Regroup 

May: Femme Fetal Show! MAY10th+11th

JuneGraduation! - working and healing with Tamara -  Kelowna? 

July: Swim Across the Lake - Music Festivals 
August: Wanderlust Festival -  Getting my N Licence

Daily Life: 

Sit by the lake and read books!!! ADVENTURE! Sports! Travel? Camping, hiking, Train to run; run - Travel and explore: Banff, Jasper.. Yellowknife? 


September - October -  November - December

 When Nothing Is Certain, Anything Is Possible. 


FUCOS: I'm All Courage - Creation body: Speaking and Couching

Something New: Starting my degree at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality

Major events:  Ma birthday - Her International elections (elected as a director!!) - JCI Kelowna Elections (elected as Director of External Events!) - Femme Fatale show Dec 6th+7th

Daily Life: Read <3, write, speak, Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality lectures, Knowledge Business Blueprint lectures, teach yoga, train that hot bod, live love and laugh!

Weekly Rituals: 168 hours a week breakdown: (revised in Nov)

Sleep: 50 hours

Creations of the Goddess:

 * Creating content: 22 hours

 * Writing my book: 3 hours

 * Facilitating workshops, speaking : 3 hours


 * Tantric Institute: 4 hours

 * Knowledge Business: 2 hours

 * Read: 5 hours

Social Life & Relationships:

 * Family, friends and love: 15

 * JCI Kelowna: 2 hours

 * Mentors and teachers: 2

Building Capacity:

 * Meditation: 2.30hours

 * Gym: 5 hours

 * Cook: 7 hours (1 hour groceries - 2 hours smoothies - 4 hour cooking)

Fun, Play and JOY:

 * Dance: 5 hours

 * Adventure outside: 3 hours


 * Teach yoga: 6 hours

 * JCI Kelowna: 3 hours

 * Admin work (my visa - invoices - elect & phone bill): 1 hour

Junk time: 2 hours

Spend Christmas like no other.

... and New Year's awaken

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