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Wild & Untamed

Luxuriate in pleasure, play and
sexual liberation for more impact.

An 8-week journey to heal in profound ways, rewild yourself, 

and experience exquisite aliveness, joy and freedom

alongside eight women and vulva-bodied people.

(Next cohort starting in January 2024)

after this 8-week journey, 
You'll walk away feeling:

  • Untamed, wild and free in the bedroom and the "boardroom".

  • Lit up, alive and turned on in your body and able to experience more pleasure, joy and nourishment.

  • Playful, giggly with a wide smile, heart open to love and life, and gushing with radiance.

  • Invigorated by an embodied vision of a co-cultivated liberated, loving and more connected world.

  • Expanded in the capacity within your own body to fully own and unleash ALL of you… In ways and depths you have never allowed yourself before or felt safe to step into.

  • Lightness, spaciousness and freedom after the deep release of shame, fear, guilt, heaviness and trauma and greater liberation from the pain from the past, familial, religious, societal and systemic dynamics.​​

  • Your emotions as power, accessing and alchemizing your rage, grief, joy, pleasure and ecstaticy.

  • Embodied Inner psychological safety, worthiness and belonging within your body to be YOU.

It would be a pussy throbbing pleasure to guide you on this journey.

Come with me, come with us... 


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In this unique and exquisite journey of sexual liberation, you can solve everyday issues like:

- Speaking your desires, boundaries, wants & needs in any room you walk into.

- Chronically low energy levels, stuckness and overwhelm

- Not feeling good enough, confident enough, beautiful enough, feminine
enough, worthy or deserving of your desires.

- Perfectionism and consistent judgement on yourself to be more and do more.

- Feeling you're too much, playing small, and engineering vulnerability. 

- Guilt and shame around feeling pleasure, prioritizing yourself.

- Asking for and receiving help and support.

Tropical Leaves

The Details

You'll gather over 8 weeks with an intimate community of women & non-binary vulva-bodied people (max of 8) ready to luxuriate in pleasure, reclaim their wild power, and untame their bodies and the systems that tamed us in the first place.

The 90-minute group calls (on zoom) will include group coaching, juicy somatic practices, deeply excavating yet nourishing breathwork techniques, self-reflection, rituals, movement, and/or embodiment meditations.

Some of the practices and modules may include:



Anchors into Safety & Radical Self-love
Body Love, Agency & Boundaries

Reclaim the 5 Stages of Sexuality.



Healing the mother line/ with men

Heart Opening & Expansion

Emotions as Power



Envisioning and co-creating a new world for sexual empowerment


Hi! I'm Amal

I’ve spent a decade and over 10,000 hours healing, teaching and overcoming religious, societal and political oppression. I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, covered head to toe since third grade and in a fixed marriage at the age of 18. I moved to Canada when I was 24 and have transmuted the pain into my power. Today, I am a social justice advocate, trauma-informed somatic coach, TEDx speaker and the CEO and founder of I’m All Courage. I was recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 when I had just turned 30, got featured on Nasdaq as a Woman Leader to Watch, and had the privilege of meeting Oprah.

I see pleasure as a resource, not a reward, desires as a guide, not a distraction and as a tool for social transformation. I truly believe that as we heal and untame our bodies, we can transform our organizations, heal the systems that tamed us in the first place, heal the world, and birth new systems and ways of being.

Learn ore about Amal...

Forest Light

This is for you if:

  • You're a cycle breaker, and you care so deeply about co-creating a better world.


  • You've healed, overcome and integrated a lot, and now you are ready for your wild, untamed, and unabashedly sexy version of yourself.​​​​​​

  • You feel called for deep healing to release fear, shame, guilt, and trauma so that you can step into your power gushing with pleasure and luscious intimacy.

  • You desire a juicy connection to the voice of your intuition vs your mind, fears, trauma and conditioning, so that you can show up, speak, flirt, take up space and be seen in the integrity of your true essence.

  • You’re lit up by the idea of feeling connected to your body, being seen in your power, and having even more pleasure, sensuality, play, joy and nourishment in your life.​ ​

  • You're craving meaningful connection with other fierce women and vulva-bodied people standing for liberation by your side as you step into the next level version of yourself. 

If you felt an "OH YES!!" or resonance in your body, you're in the right place.

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From beauty standards to body and slut shaming. Our bodies, the hair on our bodies, the size of our bra, the size of our waist, and the fat on our belly are all up for everyone’s judgment. 

Beauty in the media has had one shape, one body type, and often one skin colour. 

We are chronically disempowered as we age. Our beauty and radiance have been given an expiration date by white men in power.  

We harshly compare ourselves to others, judge ourselves, and feel shame for not meeting these arbitrary beauty standards. We shrink, hide, and doubt if we're even beautiful and worthy of our deepest desires.

Join us to heal in the community for a safe and brave space to shed shame, reclaim your sexual power and radical love for yourself and your body, tap into your untamed self-expression, and feel the aliveness, joy and pleasure inside your body.

Why Sexual Liberation?
I believe that women and vulva-bodied people deserve to be empowered sexually, financially and socially in their lives and careers. 

I find in many spaces, events and organizations that center on women's empowerment and reduced inequalities, the emphasis is on economic, educational and political empowerment; and almost no conversation on pleasure and sexual empowerment, the psychological safety needed to thrive past personal trauma or trauma carried by the mere living in a patriarchal society. We only speak about it in the context of surviving and the #meToo movement, creating a separation of our whole selves. We must recognize the current realities and historical legacies of gender-based violence as one of the oldest forms of power and control. We can't achieve true equity without bringing in more efforts to center pleasure, connection to body and liberation. 

In this program we will explore creating a new world, moving from the #MeToo era into a sexual thriving, safety and belonging in our whole self. Sexual liberation, pleasure, and embodied desires as a key to social transformation, trauma healing, and to building a more just, loving and connected world.

I vow to stand in my power.

I vow to remember my sovereignty.

I vow to unconditionally love and cherish myself and my body.

I vow not to play small, hide or shrink myself.

I vow to boldly put my work and words out to the world.

I vow to be in my humanity.

I vow to play, cry, laugh, and have so much joy and pleasure.

I vow to let life happen.

I vow to live with so much love, lust and hope for myself and our humanity.


Come with me.

Come with us.

Let’s be




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