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The Wild Untamed Leader

Luxuriate in your, feminine radiance, and wild and untamed Self-expression. Pleasure-based Leadership

Luxuriate in pleasure, play and ease.


gushing with, feminine radiance, 

Luxuriate in your confidence, feminine intelligence,  and Untamed Self-expression. / Creativity.

Step into your next level of embodiment/creativity/liberation alongside a curated safe and brave group of women & vulva-bodied people.

Pleasure-based leadership, feminine radiance,

wild, untamed self-expression and

gushing with feminine radiance, confidence and exquisite pleasure
Feel more
Playful, gushing with so much love and lust for life.

Wild, untamed, audacious, 


gushing with pleasure, ease & confidence.

experience exquisite pleasure, and luxuriate in your aliveness, wildness

an 8-week Journey to heal in profound ways, untame your body and experience exquisite pleasure, aliveness and joy as you make more impact and untame the systems that tamed us in the first place.

ecstatic, joy, sensuality 

an 8-week Journey of sexual liberation to heal in profound ways from the pain from the past, religious, societal, and political oppression and to set yourself brave, wild and free.

A community of women leaders ready to luxuriate in pleasure, reclaim their wild power, untame their bodies and the systems that tamed us in the first place.
A community of women and vulva-bodied leaders ready to be untamed, wild and free

untamed Self-expression
wild, untamed andn well-pleasured leader 
there's unprossees shame from the chronical disempoweermtn that women face everyday, internalized msgs about how your body doens't fit socieity's standered, doesn't meet your own starndered that nnow you hlld agailst yourself, growing older, being connected to your body 

In this 8-week Sexual Liberation program you’ll:

  • Fully explore and awaken your wild and untamed sexuality in a safe environment.

  • Reclaim and embody the five stages of sexuality that society, traumatic events, and religion have interrupted.

  • Awakening the archetypes of all sexual expression within your psyche, and see 

  • Explore identity work, as you take on the rule of a daughter, to a girlfriend, a wife, a mother,  

  • Oh.. just as a warning, you may have better orgasms and make more money along the way.... 

  • reawaken your hormonal health. These arts boost your natural state of self-love and unlock the wellspring of desire and sexual joy within you. 

  • Sexual Liberation and Reclamation.Feminine Radiance, Confidence &

  • Energized, motivated, 

  • I recognize the historical legacies and current realities of gender-based violence. In this program we will explore creating a new world, moving from the #MeToo era into a sexual thriving, safety and belonging in our whole self. Many women-centred initiatives and organizations focus on economical empowerment, social empowerment, educational empowerment, and political empowerment, and there's no conversation on sexual empowerment, the lack of psychological safety that many women experience consciously and unconsciously became a numb reality that we talk about with numbness, and normalized with an eye roll.

    This evokes grief, an ocean of sadness, almost a sense of aloneness, of how unfair this all is. how outrageous, and I ask myself, do they see it? Do they try to understand and learn the impact of all of this on me, on her, on them, on ALL of us.

    It evokes rage, and sometimes 
    t evokes my 22 years old self, who was in court fighting for divorce, I didn't know it then, but I know it now. This is what it looks like now. Join me. Join us, join this revolution.


  • Develop profound self-love and a deep connection to your body.

  • Unpack the One Belief that runs your life, sexuality & desires. Sexual liberation is your next spiritual journey, You're going to heal sisterhood & siblinghood woundings, money wounds.

  • revealing a more beautifully connected and highly passionate version of yourself.

  • Embody states of curiosity, play, and pleasure through reclaiming the 5 stages of sexuality. 

  • Heal old wounds and empower yourself with ways to move through challenging emotions while embracing higher vibrational states.

  • Enhance your health and vitality.
    powerfully manifest what you truly desire

  • And lots more!

I’m not promising it’s going to fix everything in six weeks – that would be silly. But I can say that it gives you lifelong ways to relate to your body and to embrace your sexuality that can help you to feel greatly connected to yourself... and able to love yourself more as a woman.

It would be a pussy throbbing pleasure to guide you on this journey.

Come with me, come with us... 

Let this space soothe and stretch your nervous system into your wildest dreams, to receive your desires, and to build your legacy here on earth. 



Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 11_edited.jpg
Eucalyptus Branch

This is for you if:

  • You care so deeply about creating a better world.

  • You are a rebel, a cycle breaker, and you live (wanna) life by your own rules.

  • You are ambitious, creative & a high achiever, but you crave more pleasure, sensuality and play in your life. 

  • You've healed, overcame and integrated a lot, and now you are ready for more libration, your untamed & wild self.​​​​​​

  • You feel called for deep healing to release fear, shame, guilt, and trauma so that you can step into your power and show up in your deepest truth.

  • You’re lit up by the idea of feeling connected to your body and having even more pleasure, play, joy and nourishment in your life.

  • Cultivate safety, worthiness and belonging within your body and expand your capacity to have it all, hold it all, and to do it grounded in pleasure and trust.

  • You’re ready to invest and BET on yourself in a BIG way — and want to make this year the best year of your life - boldly claiming your desires and dreams.

  • You love to invest in yourself, and it's time to invest in your desires and dreams

  • You're done trying to do it alone, you're craving support, meaningful connection, and expansion by fierce women by your side as you step into the next level version of yourself. 

  • You are ready for your bold, wild and untamed self-expression.​

If you felt an "OH YES!!" or resonance in your body, you're in the right place.

You desire to be seen, known, and well-paid.
It's time to live up to your desires and bring them to life!

In this unique and exquisite program for sexual liberation, you can solve everyday issues like...

Guilt and shame around feeling pleasure

Not feeling good enough, beautiful enough, feminine enough, creative or worthy enough

playing small, feeling you're too much.

Setting boundaries, asking for help

Knowing and communicating your needs and desires

receiving more, as you're so used to giving 

Chronically low energy levels
_bratwuurst and modelled by _eleanorysab

Your next levels of evolution, success & self-actualization will come from sexual liberation, rewilding, and unleashing your untamed wild self-expression

Art by @bratwuurst, modelled by @eleanorysabelle

  YOU, ME, and 7 Pussy Owners  
Move towards your desires and vision with
 pleasure,  and up-level the ways you show up to yourself, your business and your purpose here on earth.

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