The Crownmind

A luxurious mastermind towards being seen, known & well-paid.

Be a part of this intimate group of

Eight Pussy Owners

Create your pleasure-based business strategy, set soul-centred goals, and take massive leaps and tiny-but-mighty actions. 

Risk-taking, audacious and devotional.

Gushing with pleasure, surrender and ease.

I have a good eye, and I can pierce through your fight, flight, freeze and fawn. I'll hold you in love and acceptance, work with your body, while also expanding you into your next stage of success.

 Let this space soothe and stretch your nervous system into your wildest dreams, to receive your desires, and to build your legacy here on earth.

It would be my absolute honor and pussy throbbing pleasure to guide you on this journey.


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Eucalyptus Branch

This is for you if:

You are a coach, teacher, healer who's trailblazing the way for new ways of being.

You desire to create wealth and indulge in luxury, while also making an impact.

You kinda know what you need to do, but you want to bounce ideas with someone, desire hand holding, being called out, called in, and encouraged to focus & expand to your significance.

You bounce between clarity and chaos, leaving you unfocused, and sometimes running in circles.

You raised your hand for what you desire, and took an audacious action but things didn’t go your way, so you lowered your hand, recoiled, and went back to playing safe.

You’re playing a tug of war between two niches, can’t decide who to speak to, or even what to say.

Instead of getting clients or selling the program, you're spending hours building your website, crafting each word to perfection, trying to figure out your title as a coach, and maybe you're feeling it's not enough until you get that training or that certification.

You desire to be seen, known, and well-paid.
It's time to live up to your desires and bring them to life!

I went from $1,500 packages to $15,000 (in 2 years).

Highest CASH month $12,686.

I'm featured on Nasdaq as a Woman Leader to Watch.

Clients from 2020 continue to renew + comeback.

My last potential client called me from her corner office at the World Trade Center, full view of NYC, she heard about me and the "magic, power and safety" of my container.

I'm mind blown. I had failed launches & sales calls, I spent months afraid of failure, of more rejections, in burnout.. months of hiding. The worst part was that I tried to do it alone. Feeding into my inner child wound rather than allowing myself to be supported.

Join us to remember in community that you're worthy and deserving of your deepest desires. That they are your birthright. Join us to be supported, loved, expanded, and revel in ease, surrender & pleasure.
Eucalyptus Branch

You will


Elevate your storytelling: Find your 3 Core transformation stories + 7 (or more) Core story-based posts that connect you with your audience, build trust, and establish you as an expert.

Refine your offers, get clear on your messaging, and start speaking directly to your ideal clients, so that you command the respect, recognition and cash you know is yours.

Take your visibility to the next level; be Seen by, Connected to & receive clients' Commitment.

Set a crystal clear vision, goals and an action plan for using my **Exclusive Pleasure-Based Audacious Goals Toolkit**, so that you have clear steps, almost always know what to do next, and create a consistency that honors your own inner rhythms. 

Have support, guidance & accountability through the implementation of what you already know. ​
Experience confidence, trust & courage in ways you never have before in your body & business.

Experience deep and true alignment between your body, mind and soul; creating an internal ecology of thriving so that you can show up, take action, and get clients with more ease, flow and grounded courage.

Unpack your One Belief that runs your life, business & desires. 

Doing business is your next spiritual journey, you will not only bring in dream clients (or set the stage for that), You're going to heal sisterhood & siblinghood woundings, money wounds, the healer that feels guilty charging money for this work
                     (But I can't because you also have to show up, open your heart up to receive, and we gotta give it up to your Body, to the Goddess, and the Universe)

* During our time together, you will sign at least three 1:1 clients (or be SO set up for it).

*  You will have that big cash month you've desired.

* You will break the patterns you're curre
ntly running, you'll expand the edges of your comfort, and do that thing that scares you. 

* You may feel the readiness to increase your prices.

What I almost want to promise you
What's Included in this
4-month mastermind?
Tropical Leaves

1:1 Brand, Offerings & Business Audit
A private 60-minute intensive to get to know you, the bones of your business, your offerings (existing & alive inside of you) and your desires. Reflecting you the gabs, your strengths and giving you feedback on 3 core shifts to make.

Bi-weekly 2-Hour Crownmind Calls
8 Group coaching calls, led by Amal, where you'll receive direct hot-seat coaching on your brand, offers, sales pages, and everything you

and your sexy business.

(Tuesdays 2pm PT
Opening ceremony Nov 15)

1:1 Monthly
Three 60-min calls w/ Amal To drop into your body, and bring you into a new embodied paradigm to match your desires.
Or we can look at your content and business.

Bi-weekly 1-Hour Crownmind Pods
Breaking into groups of 4,
15min each, to brainstorm, get feedback, be witnessed and connect together.

6 Modules
Amal's Unleash Yourself program, embodiment practices, playbooks, and journaling prompts.



Intimate Voxer Group
To get feedback, support, and share your celebrations, clearings and luscious desires between calls.


Mon-Fri 12pm-6pm PT

Tropical Leaves

Why with me?

Hi, I'm Amal! For the past 8 years, I studied everything goal setting, habits, strategy, self-care and pleasure. I have mastered the process. I've set & committed to my resolutions & goals, while I also have flowed, adopted & altered plans in moments of deep listening and in flow with our ever-changing world.

I've written a book (now editing!), given a TEDx talk, started a successful business, completed certifications, played, curled in shame, rose and crashed, stood up and shined in front of 2500+ people on a stage.
And the journey continues.


 To give you perspective, I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, moved to Canada in 2013, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. Today, I am a Sexuality, Pleasure, and Embodied Leadership Coach. I am featured on TEDx, named Top 40 Under 40, and on Nasdaq as a Woman Leader to Watch.
Oh, and I met Oprah about a month ago.. It's been wild.

My transmission is deep, wild, wet, brave and juicy AF.

Heart beating & pussy throbbing kinda happy!