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Hi, I'm AMAL

I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and I got into a fixed marriage at the age of 18. I filed for divorce and moved to Canada in 2013, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. Since then, I’ve spent over 10,000 hours healing, overcoming religious, societal and political oppression, and redefining the past, learning to open my heart to love again. I’m the founder of the I’m All Courage and teaching incredible human beings like you how to reclaim their power, stand in their sovereignty, open their heart to love and life, and heal themselves so that we can all show up to heal the world. I am a science nerd captivated by Neuroscience, and have immersed myself in all things Tantric and spiritual.

I have also devoted my life in service to my community. Alongside my passion for empowerment, I found my passion in politics, advocacy and policy development. I was recently named as Top 40 People Under 40 by Kelowna Chamber of Commerce. I was elected as the first female President of UBCO Students’ Union, then elected as the Campaigns Coordinator for the BC Federation of Students. Through those roles, I was working with both the Provincial and Federal Government on behalf of BC post-secondary students. Now, I am 

I don't just focus on your mindset, but on the trauma in the body. 


Can I ask you a question real quick?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how do these resonate?

The size of your dreams and goals VS The size of your trauma and fears?

  • ​You're hard on yourself for not being more “feminine”/”masculine”, “creative”, “successful”, or “further ahead”. 

  • You're hiding, keeping yourself small, disowning parts of yourself, and feeling unsafe to show up and be seen.

  • In the face of decisions, you find it hard to access your inner wisdom or can’t differentiate between what is coming from your intuition and truth vs your fears, old patterns and the mind.

  • You know in your bones there’s more to life and to you, but you’re feeling stuck and can't seem to access it:

    • You desire to fully express yourself, to show up truly as you are, but feeling afraid it will be "too much".
    • You have the deep desire to be of service to our humanity, but don’t know how to show up, or you’re feeling resistance and conflicted about being seen.
    • You desire love, sex and beautiful relationships but keep repeating the same patterns. 
    • You desire wealth and abundance but feeling stuck and running in the same circles with money. 

  • Feeling disconnected from your body, always in your head, calculating the past and your next move. 

  • You can intellectualize what you want/need to do, but you can’t get yourself to do it.
  • You feel called for deep healing to release fear, shame, guilt, and trauma so that you can step into your power and show up in your truth.

  • You’re lit up by the idea of feeling connected to your body, and having even more pleasure, play, joy and nourishment in your life.

  • YOU’RE DEFINITELY IN THE RIGHT PLACE THEN. This coaching journey is for you.

Standing in Your Power - A Reclamation 



When we allow our pain from the past, our traumas and our mind to guide us through life, we conform to global, cultural and societal ways of being, we get trapped into the past mind body that only knows to create and recreate past experiences. All those things can limit us from showing up in who we're truly are, reaching our highest potential, and stand in our authentic power. The intention of this coaching journey is to channel your inner courage, your own inner wisdom, and remove all the barriers to your already perfect and whole self, creating lasting change that enables you to fully show up to yourself and life.


​How would it look like to work with me?

When we step into a three journey to work intimately together, I first focus on truly seeing you: your life, your identities, your greatest pains, your greatest gifts, your desires, emotional patterns, and leadership, relationship, wealth, creativity and/or other personal goals.


Together, we’ll explore the areas of your life where you’ve given your power to pain from the past, fears, religious/cultural/societal conditionings, heartbreaks, blockages, resistance, unhealthy patterns, self imposed “glass ceilings” and limiting beliefs. 

From there, I’m focused on integration and alignment. Through practices that work with your nervous system, we’ll gain clarity on what’s really going on, what’s yours, what needs to be tended to and integrated, and what needs to be reformed, removed and released. We will start mapping out personalized practices, aligned action steps, and form accountability measures for deep support and encouragement.

As we focus on embodying your truest self, standing in your authentic power, and moving from your own inner wisdom. We will create an ecology of thriving, as we build greater confidence, compassion, belonging, safety and freedom within ourselves. We will make sure that we give your nervous system the maximum ease to step into healing that is truly nourishing and sustainable.





















I believe that we have all the wisdom from within. I believe that healing is possible for you, me for all of us.

You/we don't have to recreate the past over and over again, and to make peace and have compassion to the parts of us that have protected us and served us for so long, but it's time for them to not to go, but have a seat at the table, integrated and loved.

You are worthy of what you desire. You are deserving of all what life has to offer. We all are.

7. Introduce your solution, product, or offering. Lead with your biggest benefit or difference, including the outcome and the transformation. Your offering should be clear and easy to understand.

This work demands your courage and vulnerability, It's not always easy, but are you welling to step in/to show up?

10 sessions Journey to total freedom from the pain from the past, religious, societal, and political oppression.

Methodologies: HOW I DO IT?

1. I use the ancient wisdom of tantra and modern science neurobiology to heal trauma from the body.

2. We will do deep work to integrate childhood wounding, relationship to your parents, and any heartbreak stories that are now blocking you from opening your heart to love and life. 

3. Breathwork and powerful somatic tools to clear any unconscious limiting beliefs that you may have.

10. Break down the process. What’s included in your offering week by week or module by module? What will they be getting and learning in detail? How will each part of the program get them to their end goal? What other goodies will you be offering them?

Each coaching package is very personalised 

Heal in profound ways with your father to release any baggage from the past and set yourself free.

Embrace your dark-side and your biggest fears to become powerful and fully expressed in your life

Module 1


  • Anchoring into Safety and Embodied Radical Self Love and Acceptance 

  • Liberating the Family, Societal and/or Religious Dynamics

  • Healing the Mother and/or Father Wounds

  • Healing Your Inner Child

Part 2: 


  • Reclaiming your inherit worthiness of love

  • Emotional Intelligence Mastery and healthy emotional expression of anger, fear, sadness, grief etc.

  • Tapping into your inner wisdom, and developing a clear relationship to your intuition vs the mind

  • Mending the Broken Heart, removing blockages and fully opening your heart to love and life again.

  • Cultivating boundaries: finding your true yes's and no's to life and those around you

  • session custom created for your situation/personalised

  • Turning your most dreaded emotion into your greatest power/

Month 3: Building A New Reality

The sessions in this month would be custom designed and deeply personalized for you and your desired reality.


  • Saying “Yes” to High-Vibration States​
    the three MGAGES?!

  • Love and relationships - Embodied leadership - Pussy?Pleasure Based Business

8. What are the benefits?.

  • Deep healing to release fear, guilt, shame, and trauma so that you can expand your sense of freedom to fully express yourself, be and speak with more clarity and power.

  • Embrace radical self-love, build greater compassion and resilience within yourself, while bringing greater aliveness, depth and devotion to your relationships and work.

  • Reclaim your power, your inherent worth, innate wisdom, and unconditional love for yourself

  • Learn to listen to yourself, knowing the voice of your inner wisdom, vs your mind, trauma and conditionings.

  • Cultivate safety, worthiness and belonging within your body

  • Step into wealth consciousness, unleash your creativity, and fully express yourself

  • Heal your heart and body so you can open your heart to loves and life and fully delight in all of life’s pleasures

  • Experience freedom in the bedroom and the boardroom

  • Deepen your ability to be of service to our humanity, learn how to light the fire around your actions, without getting depleted or burnt out

  • Live in an uplifted state of joy, pleasure, and aliveness.

9. What proof and trust signals could you use? Always prove stuff that people might feel skeptical of through things like reviews, official facts and figures, seals of approval, demos, etc. What could you use as proofs?



+ Get Testimonials 

11. FAQs Identify and address all the big questions and fears as well as small logistical issues that might hold people back from purchasing your offering.

how is this diffrent form other coaching or therapy out there? A lot of coaching lack the real depth and they dont' work wiht the body and psyche in the was that create true transformation 


12. Your guarantee Find the biggest risk and eliminate it. Is it a conditional money back guarantee if they get to the end of the program and aren’t happy? Or is it something else?

This is not another thing that's not going to work.


I have immense trust in the tools, practices and healing methodologies that we are going to follow in the next 10 session. That said, I would like extend to you a %100 Refund Guarantee if it feels like there was no return on your investment. This will only come to effect after the 7the session. You could ask for your refund. No questions asked. I say this in trust that you well show up to our sessions and your practices in between with the same commitment to your self and the same power I see in all of your responses.

13. Your irresistible offer This might be multiple pricing options for a course, or it might lead them to an application page to apply for your coaching package or schedule a one-on-one appointment. What is your irresistible offer? Note: If you have a long sales page, you might insert your irresistible offer panel in multiple locations on the same page.

Get Started Today From there, you'll get set up with me for a 1 hour call to answer all of your quesitons 

The Two prices ​(screen shot on disktop)

14. CTA (Call to Action) What sub-header are you going to use above your button to inspire your reader to take action? What words will you use inside your button to get them to click it and take the next step?




Why not just go to therapy?

A lot of average therapists and coaches give feedback after feedback without realizing that acceptance, love, forgiveness and showing up truly as you are is a product of your psyche, your upbringing and your habits over a lifetime. You can intellectualize forgiveness, but there's a cellular memory, and your body remembers. A lot of talk coaches and talk therapy will offer great perspectives, but at the end of the day you are left with the idea of accepting a part of yourself, or things not going the way you planned, or losing something, forgiving someone, but the body still remembers and the same emotions come up if you recall that painful memory

We have to give the pain a voice, so that it's able to heal and transform. And through working with me, you don't have to dwell in the past an d visit the pain over and over to heal it. 


Do you only work with coaches?

Nope. My work is for women (or those who identify as women) who run online businesses or desire to create one. I specialize in working with people who are the face of their brand and are desiring to do business in a way that doesn’t lead to burnout or dropping out.

Is your work inclusive and safe for BIWOC or trans women?

So - I’m a white (duh), cis, hetero woman that was raised pretty effin’ privileged. While I’ve done and am doing work around anti-racism, diversity, equality, and inclusion, and believe in my ability to coach anyone, I also fully own that I have my own filters and life experiences and sometimes get shit wrong. That said, if I fuck something up, I’m always open to a conversation and devoting resources to handling it in a way that honors and supports your experience. My intention is to create and hold a super safe space for all women and I’m constantly working on being the best I can be at doing that.

How do I schedule sessions with Julia?

As soon as you sign up you’ll get access to your sessions so you can book as many as you want and get all set up.

What days are sessions held on?

I coach on Tuesdays + Wednesdays. Other arrangements can be discussed as needed.

Can you guarantee specific results?

I fullllly fucking believe in my ability to increase your belief in yourself and your work. I know that when you combine mindset, strategy, and embodiment and build a business based on pleasure, anything is possible. That said, I can’t guarantee any specific results because our goals will also be built around your specific desires so it will all vary client to client.

The testimonials I’ve shared are all from past clients who’ve experienced my work and transmission in this world. They’ve shown up, did the work, and share their results from their heart. Again, no two clients are the same and no two clients will get the same results. You know, legal ish. ;)

the deets

So, you’ve made it this far (or skipped and scrolled to this part first, lol) and I’m sure you’re wondering the price for this work.


***private coaching is currently full***

If you know you want high level private support from me, please just dm/pm me so i can add you to the waitlist or let you know if anything will be opening up

Embodied Leadership
Wealth Consciousness 
Safety, Belonging, Worthiness
Amal brings her exuberance, humour, and experience to motivate and inspire her audiences to dream big. Through personable and riveting storytelling, she shares her messages to harness powerful shifts for the audience to pick up and apply very effectively.
Sexual Power Reclamation

Amal tells her courageous story of survival, leadership, entrepreneurship, and humanitarianism, and the life lessons she learned along the way. Her keynotes teaches you how in the face of adversity and overwhelm to access the inner courage within.

Opening Your Heart to Love

Amal's keynotes are designed to be thought-provoking to create a turning point in your life. Amal uniquely combines elements from the mystical traditions of yoga with the modern approaches of personal development and growth mindset.

Why I'm different?
Hi, Welcome!

SOME OF THE Organisations/Events Amal HAS BEEN featured

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Cultivating Safety, Belonging, Worthiness Within
Wealth Consciousness 
Sexual Power Reclamation
Owning the TRUTH of who are
Embodied Leadership
& Deeper Service to Our Humanity
Emotional Courage, Mastery & Expression
Charismatic & Engaging
Amal brings her exuberance, humour, and experience to motivate and inspire her audiences to dream big. Through personable and riveting storytelling, she shares her messages to harness powerful shifts for the audience to pick up and apply very effectively.
Resiliency & Courage Expert

Amal tells her courageous story of survival, leadership, entrepreneurship, and humanitarianism, and the life lessons she learned along the way. Her keynotes teaches you how in the face of adversity and overwhelm to access the inner courage within.

Valuable Insights

Amal's keynotes are designed to be thought-provoking to create a turning point in your life. Amal uniquely combines elements from the mystical traditions of yoga with the modern approaches of personal development and growth mindset.


Amal's Keynote Topics

  Dialogues and workshops

Resiliency In the Face of Oppressive Systems



Imagine how it would look like if we healed our bodies? If we healed our relationship to mother earth? imagine if we could heal the systems by healing our own

Amal in Action


- What if I fall?

- Oh but my darling, what if you fly?  "

COURAGE is the key.