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Embracing Courage, ourselves and each other
  Embracing equity, diversity and inclusion | Creating an ecology of belonging & thriving   |  Unleashing Human Potential


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about AMAL

TEDx speaker, Top 40 Under 40, Embodied Leadership Coach and featured on Nasdaq as a Woman Leader to Watch in 2022. 


Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Amal Alhuwayshil moved to Canada in 2013, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. This woman's courageous journey of overcoming a series of events; from societal and political oppression, being in a fixed marriage at the age of 18, to filing for divorce and moving to Canada, to re-writing her story, leveraging the pain from the past, to finding her passion in advocacy and policy development. Amal was elected as the first female President of UBCO Students’ Union, then elected as the Campaigns Coordinator for the BC Federation of Students. Through those roles, she was working with both the Provincial and Federal Governments on behalf of BC post-secondary students. Today, as the CEO & Founder of I'm All Courage, she uniquely combines storytelling, the teachings of neuroscience, her business expertise, and her 650+ hours of trauma-informed somatic coaching training into her transformative programs and keynotes.

Amal’s story is of overcoming, courage, resilience and high achievement. She brings her exuberance, humour, and experience to inspire her audiences to dream big. Through personable and riveting storytelling, she is helping leaders of today harness their inner courage, overcome their biggest obstacles, build resilience, and maximize their success. 


On any given day, you can find Amal practicing yoga, reading, writing, dancing and most likely going on long walks in the forest.


Amal's Motivational Keynote Topics

Audacity & Hope: Resiliency In the Face of Uncertainty.

This keynote is a call to vulnerability and audacity to show up no matter what. We all want certainty. We want certainty that our attempts at success would guarantee no failures, that our love would be met by love, our honesty would be met by honesty, and our devotion, our hard work, our dedication, would be seen, acknowledged and celebrated. Here’s the thing, there’s no certainty ahead. There’s just raw vulnerability, and sometimes it’s really painful. While we can shelter ourselves from failure, heartbreak, and hard things happening to us and those we care for and about, we all know that never works. Life happens, and with no awareness, we can spiral down into endless worries, anxiety, overwhelm and burnout. Amal uses the power of storytelling to inspire and empower her audience with tools to get to know their edges, their nervous system, cultivate trust, courage, and. have the audacity to take action, colour outside the lines, and show up hopeful for themselves and our humanity.

Defining Moments: The Highway To Authenticity

This keynote is a call into authenticity, courage and wholehearted living. Life is full of defining moments that always bring us back into discovery and full expression of our authentic selves.

Somewhere along the way, consciously or unconsciously, we have created associations with what keeps us loved and belonging, what gives us success, attention and recognition. We’re embracing the qualities of our pears, the ideologies of our parents, society and race. All in an attempt to fit in, belong, prove our value, prove that we're enough, prove that we're worthy of love and success. While your true and authentic self, untamed and creative self hides away, kept small and afraid to be seen. I believe that with each defining moment, we become more and more the person we're meant to be, and we are closer to full expression. Amal shares riveting stories, powerful practical tools for deeper authentic self-discovery, untamed self-expression, and the principles to foster a community where authentic leaders belong.

From Burka to Bikini: A Journey of Reinvention 

This keynote will Open your Mind and Move your Heart. Whatever you have ever thought about women in the Middle East, women empowerment and gender equality in the West. Amal is here to break your biases, shift some of those thoughts, blindspots so that we can all come together in deeper understanding and better inclusion and love for our humanity. Through riveting storytelling and powerful practical tools, Amal will inspire you to step into your own journey to personal reinvention, build resilience, find your courage and audacity to thrive past your hardships. Amal’s journey inspires her audience to create powerful shifts. She shares her thought-provoking ideas to harness the power of vulnerability for leaders to come together to cultivate an inclusive community where everyone can express themselves authentically and belong.


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Through Understanding Your Brain

For many of us, imposter syndrome has become an impossibility syndrome. Keeping us playing small, self-sabotaging, feeling like a fraud in our careers, afraid to speak up and be seen, and undervaluing our skills, experiences, and accomplishments. Then, at the end of the day, we sit and judge ourselves for not being more “successful”, “creative”, or “further ahead”.

You know in your bones there’s more to you, to your life, and to your career. You have dreams and visions for yourself, your community, and our humanity. Yet, you are feeling overpowered by imposter syndrome and self-doubts. Join us to reclaim your power. Learn how to recognize impostor syndrome in yourself and others, understand your brain and nervous system, and explore practical tools and strategies to triumph over your impossibility syndrome. In this session, Amal will guide you through a profound tool to embody a more empowering mindset. So that you can fully show up and flourish in your life and your career.


Amal is an expert in storytelling and speaking about the following range of topics:

  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

  • Women's Rights and Gender Equality.
  • Embodied Leadership and Emotional Intelligence.

  • Moving from Overwhelm & Burnout to Creativity & Play.

  • Resiliency, Joy, Audacity and Hope in the Face of Fear & Uncertainty.

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Through Understanding Your Brain.

  • Conflict Resolution and Authentic, Clear and Assertive Communication.

  • Understanding the Brain to Up-level Success, Enjoyment and Productivity.

Looking for something else?

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Charismatic & Engaging
Amal brings her exuberance, humour, and experience to motivate and inspire her audiences to dream big. Through personable and riveting storytelling, she shares her messages to harness powerful shifts for the audience to pick up and apply very effectively.
Resiliency & Courage Expert

Amal tells her courageous story of survival, leadership, entrepreneurship, and humanitarianism, and the life lessons she learned along the way. Her keynotes teaches you how in the face of adversity and overwhelm to access the inner courage within.

Valuable Insights

Amal's keynotes are designed to be thought-provoking to create a turning point in your life. Amal uniquely combines elements from neuroscience, trauma-informed training, and modern approaches of personal development, growth mindset and embodiment tools.

Amal in Action

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Amal delivered her riveting and emotional keynote address and captured our group’s undivided attention. Our attendees were engaged throughout the event, as Amal asked participants to reflect on their own lives and experiences. I reached out to Amal to be the keynote speaker for our virtual NextGen Speech Competition because I believed her courageous story would be very well aligned with our theme of defining moments. The group left feeling inspired and ready to seek out their next defining moment. Following the event, I received numerous messages from my colleagues about how much they enjoyed the evening and Amal’s message. We will certainly keep Amal in mind for future workshops and events!

Jennifer Meyer, Commercial Account Manager and BC NextGen Cabinet Member, RBC

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Amal’s presence is raw, powerful and captivating.  Amal was able to highlight our vision and theme of the event throughout her story and to drive the message back to the audience in a creative and purposeful way. The event was held online, therefore, making it more challenging to keep the audience engaged. However, this was no match for Amal because of her incredible presence with the audience! Her story really resonated with our audience and we were able to see this through the positive feedback received during and after the event. Through our social media analytics, we discovered that Amal’s posts generated good content interactions amongst our social media audience. She was the energy and inspiration that our event needed. We would be honoured to welcome back Amal for future events!

Kate Ogorova, Fund Development Coordinator,Central Okanagan Elizabeth Fry Society

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I've seen Amal as a keynote speaker & facilitator at multiple events and workshops. I believe it's her authenticity and true vulnerability that allows her to so effectively connect with her audience. She speaks from the heart, using her own life story and experiences to inspire others in a way that doesn't feel forced, and that captivates the room. Her genuine desire to uplift others to live their best lives and to be courageous in going beyond boundaries is weaved through all of her work.

I've taken something different and special away each time I've heard Amal speak, and find her to be a powerful and genuine leader at a time when people, particularly women, need it most.

Mandy Glinsbockel, An award-winning documentary and portrait photographer

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- What if I fall?

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COURAGE is the key.

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