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Unleash yourself 2022 & beyond

A 3-day immersion to create your Pleasure-Based strategy, Soul-centred goals, and small, yet mighty, courageous action steps. 

This will This CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

I promise you nothing like anyone else offers transformative and deep Inner Work + Outer work pleasure-based Action strategy

Avoiding the pursuit of your dreams, pleasure and deepest desires is a trauma response. 

Going deep into your body AND using the brilliance of your mind to outline the ins & outs of the goals and dreams that light your soul up.

Move towards your desires and vision with pleasure instead of pressure, and up-level the ways you show up to yourself, your life, your business and your purpose here on earth.

A balanced approach between the masculine action-oriented, solid container, risk-taking, and focused with the feminine devotion, surrender, ease and pleasure.



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Eucalyptus Branch

This is for you if:

You are a woman entrepreneur who's trailblazing the path for new ways of being.

You desire to be seen, known, well-paid, and help others along the way. 

You desire to take your visibility to the next level; Seen by, Connected to, and magnetize Commitment from your ideal clients.

You desire to be radiant in your Untamed Self-Expression in your Videos, audio or written posts

You have big dreams. Yet, you feel like an imposter.


You question if you belong, if you have value to offer, if you're enough or even worthy of your desires, and losing confidence in your success.

You keep yourself in the same spot, playing small, running the tapes in your head, fighting the same fight, it's familiar, it's comfortable, it's almost... easy. Yet, it's not fulfiling.

At the end of the day, you judge yourself for not being more successful or further ahead. You try to yank your body to where your head says you should be, but nothing seems to work. 

You feel called to ground in your deepest truths, set the plan to walk, run, and leap into your dreams, while also creating with the flow of your life and your own inner rhythms


DAY 1: Awaken & Refuel the Wild Dreamer! 


Reflect on the past, as you connect and outline your vision for yourself and for our humanity.

You will leave feeling sexy, radiant, embodied and centred in who you are, your unique gifts, and what you're here to do in this world.

DAY 2: Living By Your Untamed Self-Expression


Unpacking your One Belief that runs your life & desires.

You will leave centred back into your truth and who you're meant to be so that you can step, run or leap into your deepest desires​.


DAY 3: Centred, Soft & Fierce 


You will leave with a crystal clear plan towards your wildest dreams, how to get there while listening to your body, inner wisdom and honouringn your rythems. with your soul LIT UP. 

The investment:

Pre-sale price $2500

3 montly payments of  $850 


Early Bird Price $3000
3 montly payments of  $1000 

Regualr Price $4500
3 montly payments of  $1500 

Extended payment plans available. Please don't hesitate to request one.


What's included:

  • A 3-day immersion  (Sun, Jan 2nd, 10:30 AM PST) + Playwork between calls 

  • A 90-min 1:1 coaching call with Amal (Limited Spots! SUPER EARLY BIRD BONUS!)

  • A 90-min Midpoint Mastermind Call (Sep 25th, 10:30 AM PST) (BONUS)

  • A 90-min Year-end Closing Ceremony (Sun, Dec 18, 10:30 AM PST) (BONUS)

  • Self-organized Pods of 3/4 Unleashed Community (optional accountability group)

Community, high-level coaching from Amal, signature pleasure-based strategy.


Why with me?

Hi, I'm Amal! For the past 8 years, I studied everything goal setting, habits, strategy, self-care and pleasure. I have mastered the process. I've set & committed to my resolutions & goals, while I also have flowed, adopted & altered plans in moments of deep listening and in flow with our ever-changing world.

I have written a book, gave a TEDx talk, launched a successful business, completed certifications and  played, curled in shame, rised and crashed, stood up and shined in front of 2500+ people on a stage. The journey continuies.  

All because.. I set goals + listen to my body + opened my heart to love, life and possibilities.

 To give you perspective, I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, moved to Canada in 2013, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. Today, I am a Sexuality, Pleasure, and Embodied Leadership Coach.  I am featured on TEDx, named Top 40 Under 40, and on Nasdaq as a woman Leader to Watch. If I can do that, I can hold you through your conditioniong.

It would be my absolute honour and pussy throbbing pleasure to guide you on this journey.

I will share with you the most sacred & powerful tools to truly



over 60 students have Taken Unleash yourself, some keep coming every year, here's what some have sAID

"Amal’s workshop 'Unleash Yourself 2021 & Beyond' was worth every dollar I paid and more. I came away with a clear vision for my business for the next week, month, quarter, year, and beyond! The embodiment tools, visualization exercises, and strong leadership all contributed to an valuable experience. Amal has a uniquely capable, fun, beautiful voice among others in the motivational and time management space!" - Kyle Melody @kylemelody

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"With an incredible blend of depth, gentleness and thoroughness, Amal leads you on a journey that guides you to discover the most important focus of your life path right now. I found the whole process to be enjoyable and rewarding in showing me the gems I need to polish this year going forward into the life I desire. Highly recommended way to get clarity and a detailed map of your year ahead!" - Meredith McKelvie, A Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

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"Insightful, practical, and soulful, Unleash Yourself was an incredible way to set my life and my year on track. This was different than other goal-setting courses that I'd taken before. Rather than just skimming the surface of intention and goal setting, Amal's course dove deep. It helped me better focus and structure the important things I want to strive for in my life, and how each priority looked like. While at the same time helped me reflect on the underlying challenges and core beliefs that are holding me back from seeing my dreams come true. I would recommend this course to anyone ready to get real with themselves to start to move their lives forward for the better." - R.L, Founder & CEO

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"I have done goal setting the wrong way all this time! Which explains why I've failed over and over again. Amal's Unleash Yourself program had each part of the puzzle laid out so intentionally and with purpose. Her brilliant program, deep knowledge of goal setting, inner and outer game left me feeling both equipped and empowered. THIS IS THE WORKSHOP worth your investemnt, and I highly recommend it. I know this year is going to be different; I deeply feel elevated, focused and aligned." - Mariam K.

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Going deep into my body AND using the brilliance of my mind to outline the ins & outs of my goals and dreams that light up my soul is one of my favourite rituals! 


Real talk.
You mistakenly think you lack motivation, perseverance and discipline, but what you actually lack is support, loving (yet fierce)accountability, and inspiring people in your community that continue to challenge and expand you. Join our Unleashed community.
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