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Unleash yourself 2023 & beyond Membership

CEO Vision Pleasure-Based Goal-Setting

Vission for our humanity, your life
Ever feel like a new year is a magical moment where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE… 

Yet, again and again, you find yourself losing that magic, getting swept by everything around you, held by the fears and blocks inside you, losing motivation, and lacking consistency, energy and confidence in your success.

and at the end of each year, you judge yourself for not being further ahead.

But this time, instead of what past years have been, you desire to anchor into the possibilities, build momentum, revel in this magic, turn it into pleasure instead of pressure, and up-level the ways you show up to yourself, your life, your business/career and your purpose here on earth.

Together, we take what we learnt from 2021, step into 2022 in alignment, clarity and courage.


You are feeling called to continue to heal to create something better, bigger, something brighter for yourself and the world. 

You have set the goal, had the intention, then got swept by everything around you or the trauma, fears and blocks inside of us. Perhaps found yourself with no motivation or energy, felt lacking creativity, discipline and consistency, and once again overwhelmed, burnt-out & stuck.

Sometimes so afraid to deal with the uncertainty, "embarrassment" of failure or rejection, stuck on "I don't know how". You keep yourself in the same spot, running the tapes in your head, fighting the same fight, it's familiar,  it's almost... easy. Yet, it's not fulfiling.

At the end of the day, you judged yourself for not being further ahead, tried to yank your body to where your head says you should be, but nothing seems to work. 


You looked outside of you & questioned if you even belong amongst those you admire and aspire to be like, if you have value to offer, if you're enough or worthy of your desire.

Sometimes feeling despair, if you'll even one day, have what you deeply desire.

But a part of you, never stopped believing, knows how successful you're meant to be..

This mastermind is not for the faint of hearts, it is for those of you who are ready to move forward with passion and fire, grounded in their deepest truths, creating with the flow of their life and inner rhythms, showing up and taking action while remaining open, doing it with play, pleasure and ease. 


Hi, I'm Amal! Practicing decolonized manifesting and setting a pleasure-based strategy has revolutionized how I set goals and guide my clients into achieving their most ambitious resolutions. ​

For the past 7 years, I set & committed to my resolutions & goals, studied everything strategy, self-care and pleasure & have mastered the process. Going deep into my body AND using the brilliance of my mind to outline the ins & outs of my year's goals, desires and aligning with my Purpose is one of my favourite new-year rituals! I set & committed to my resolutions & goals, and needless to say that I have flowed, adopted & altered plans in moments of deep listening and in flow with our ever-changing world.

I love everything goal setting. The process turns me on. 
Allow me to share with you the most sacred & powerful tools to truly UNLEASH YOURSELF & make your 2022 THE YEAR WHERE YOUR DREAMS CAME TRUE.

Real talk. You mistakenly think you lack motivation, perseverance and discipline, but what you actually lack is support, loving accountability, and inspiring people in your community that continue to challenge and expand you. Join our Unleashed community!
Deep dive into what you'll experince and take into your 2022
✨ A breakdown of my decolonized manifesting methodology in 4 easy steps to follow.

✨ Amal's signature Alignment & Clarity Method for your Audacious (probably ambiguous) “Someday” Goal, your someday Vision for yourself & our humanity, bringing it to how it would look like to work towards it in 2022.

✨ Setting crystal clear vision, goals and an action plan for using my **Exclusive 2022 Pleasure-Based Audacious Resolutions Toolkit** for clarity, peace, purpose and direction. 
✨Experices deep and true alignment between your body, mind and soul; creating an internal ecology for thriving so that you can show up and take action with more ease and grounded courage to take action.
✨ Rebirth and Awaken: honouring old patterns, fears, inner child, familial, trauma and how hard it can sometimes be, acknowledging societal dynamics and current systems of oppression, and birthing YOUR new ways of being.
✨ Cultivate immense Trust and Confidence in yourself and in the process, which will give you the freedom to play, revel in pleasure instead of pressure, stay open, flow and have the strengths to continue to show up.
✨ Learn a simple, yet profound tool to regulate your thoughts and emotions to lead yourself to more pleasure, conscious mindset, regardless of the circumstances, so you remain present, aligned and focused. 

✨ DO IT IN COMMUNITY. You mistakenly think you lack motivation, perseverance, and discipline, but what you actually lack is support, loving accountability, and inspiring people in your community that continue to challenge and expand you. And, it is much more pleasurable to do it with others, be held and encouraged with failures and setbacks, and be deeply celebrated in your wins and small wins along the way!

Together, we take what we learnt from 2021, step into 2022, alive, fierce and hopeful.

What's included:

  • A kickoff 3-HR SUMMIT DAY (Sun, Jan 2nd, 10:30 AM PST)

  • (3) Weekly 90-min Group Coaching Calls in January (Wednesdays 12:00 PM PST)

  • (3) 90-min Quarterly Mastermind Calls (Sundays Mar 27th, Jun 26th, Sep 25th 10:30 AM PST)

  • A Year-end 90-min Closing Ceremony (Sun, Dec 18 10:30 AM PST)

  • Pods of 3/4 Unleashed Community (optional accountability group)

Community, high-level coaching from Amal, signature pleasure-based strategy

The investment:

$499 CAD paid-in-full

or 3 payments of $175 CAD (Approx $135 USD)

or Extended Payment Plan: 6 Payments of $89 CAD (Approx $69 USD)



what others have sAID ABOUT UNLEASH YOURSELF 2021

"Amal’s workshop 'Unleash Yourself 2021 & Beyond' was worth every dollar I paid and more. I came away with a clear vision for my business for the next week, month, quarter, year, and beyond! The embodiment tools, visualization exercises, and strong leadership all contributed to an valuable experience. Amal has a uniquely capable, fun, beautiful voice among others in the motivational and time management space!" - Kyle Melody @kylemelody

"Insightful, practical, and soulful, Unleash Yourself was an incredible way to set my life and my year on track. This was different than other goal-setting courses that I'd taken before. Rather than just skimming the surface of intention and goal setting, Amal's course dove deep. It helped me better focus and structure the important things I want to strive for in my life, and how each priority looked like. While at the same time helped me reflect on the underlying challenges and core beliefs that are holding me back from seeing my dreams come true. I would recommend this course to anyone ready to get real with themselves to start to move their lives forward for the better." - R.L, Founder & CEO


"With an incredible blend of depth, gentleness and thoroughness, Amal leads you on a journey that guides you to discover the most important focus of your life path right now. I found the whole process to be enjoyable and rewarding in showing me the gems I need to polish this year going forward into the life I desire. Highly recommended way to get clarity and a detailed map of your year ahead!" - Meredith McKelvie, A Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

"I have done goal setting the wrong way all this time! Which explains why I've failed over and over again. Amal's Unleash Yourself workshop had each part of the puzzle laid out so intentionally and with purpose. Her brilliant workshop, deep knowledge of goal setting, inner and outer game left me feeling both equipped and empowered. THIS IS THE WORKSHOP worth your investemnt, and I highly recommend it. I know this year is going to be different; I deeply feel elevated, focused and aligned." - Mariam K.

Meet Amal

A TEDx speaker, Embodied Leadership Coach, Founder of I’m All Courage, recently Named Top 40 Under 40


Amal was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, moved to Canada in 2013, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. This woman's courageous journey of overcoming a series of events; from societal and political oppression, being in a fixed marriage at the age of 18, to filing for divorce and moving to Canada, to re-writing her story, leveraging the pain from the past, to finding her passion in advocacy, empowerment and starting her own business.

Amal was elected as the first female President of UBCO Students’ Union, then elected as the Campaigns Coordinator for the BC Federation of Students. Through those roles, she was working with both the Provincial and Federal Government on behalf of BC post-secondary students. Now, through her business I'm All Courage, she's working with clients in Canada, USA, the UK, and France. She truely believe if we untame and heal our body, we can heal the world, heal the systems that tamed us in the first place & birth new ways of being.

Amal’s story is of overcoming, courage, resilience and high achievement. Amal brings her exuberance, humour, and experience to educate and inspire her community to transform and reach their highest potential. Through sharing the tools and practices that helped her in her journey, she is helping leaders of today harness their inner courage, overcome their biggest obstacles, release fear/shame/guilt, build resilience, and reach their significance.

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