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8 Weeks Program


Rebirth: Standing in Your Power

A Community of Women Ready to Reclaim Their Power & Make More Impact

How would it look to show up to love, creativity and leadership Owning the Truth of Who You Are?

You hold the keys to your freedom…and when you reclaim the wild power you hold inside, you unlock your creativity and unleash your capacity for a bigger impact in the world.

Yet... the trauma, the fears, the self doubts, the disowned and downside pieces of your psyche are rearing their heads, holding you back, keeping you small.


A Reclamation Of  Sovereignty Within Your Own Body.

** Open to all women identifying and/or non-binary vulva bodied people. **

DOORS CLOSED | Next Opening Fall 2021



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Hi, I'm AMAL

I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and I got into a fixed marriage at the age of 18. I filed for divorce and moved to Canada in 2013, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. Since then, I’ve spent over 10,000 hours healing, overcoming religious, societal and political oppression. On my journey, I've been redefining the past, reclaiming my body, opening my heart to love and life again. I’m the founder of the I’m All Courage and teach incredible human beings like you how to reclaim their power and stand in their sovereignty. I don't teach them who they should be, but I hold space for them heal themselves so that we can all show up to heal the world. I am captivated by neuroscience, modern psychology, and have immersed myself in all things Tantric and spiritual.

I have also devoted my life in service to my community. Alongside my passion for empowerment, I found my passion in politics, advocacy and policy development. I was recently named as Top 40 People Under 40 by Kelowna Chamber of Commerce. I was elected as the first female President of UBCO Students’ Union, then elected as the Campaigns Coordinator for the BC Federation of Students.

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The size of your dreams, goals and desires


The size of your trauma, fears, and limiting beliefs

Which one do you find yourself stuck in & feeding more?

Which one are you choosing to feed today?

Why I'm different?
Hi, Welcome!