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8 Weeks Program


Rebirth: Standing in Your Power

A Community of Women Ready to Reclaim Their Power & Make More Impact

How would it look to show up to love, creativity and leadership Owning the Truth of Who You Are?

You hold the keys to your freedom…and when you reclaim the wild power you hold inside, you unlock your creativity and unleash your capacity for a bigger impact in the world.

Yet... the trauma, the fears, the self doubts, the disowned and downside pieces of your psyche are rearing their heads, holding you back, keeping you small.


A Reclamation Of  Sovereignty Within Your Own Body.

** Open to all women identifying and/or non-binary vulva bodied people. **

DOORS CLOSED | Next Opening Fall 2021



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Hi, I'm AMAL

I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and I got into a fixed marriage at the age of 18. I filed for divorce and moved to Canada in 2013, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. Since then, I’ve spent over 10,000 hours healing, overcoming religious, societal and political oppression. On my journey, I've been redefining the past, reclaiming my body, opening my heart to love and life again. I’m the founder of the I’m All Courage and teach incredible human beings like you how to reclaim their power and stand in their sovereignty. I don't teach them who they should be, but I hold space for them heal themselves so that we can all show up to heal the world. I am captivated by neuroscience, modern psychology, and have immersed myself in all things Tantric and spiritual.

I have also devoted my life in service to my community. Alongside my passion for empowerment, I found my passion in politics, advocacy and policy development. I was recently named as Top 40 People Under 40 by Kelowna Chamber of Commerce. I was elected as the first female President of UBCO Students’ Union, then elected as the Campaigns Coordinator for the BC Federation of Students.

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The size of your dreams, goals and desires


The size of your trauma, fears, and limiting beliefs

Which one do you find yourself stuck in & feeding more?

Which one are you choosing to feed today?

Why I'm different?
Hi, Welcome!
8 Live Group Calls

These fun and interactive LIVE group calls include powerful transmissions for each of the 4 modules, and group coaching.

They also include ritual, movement and somatic practices, lecture, partnered connection time and group participation.

4 Modules of Content

We will anchor into safety and self love. Deepen body, sensuality, and sexuality reclamation. Stand in your sovereignty and expand and embody your truth

Each module has pre-recorded lectures full of juicy education, insights and inspiration.

Recorded Practices

Lecture, embodiment practices, and meditations are recorded + journaling prompts to guide you in tending to your Queendom.


These are the life-long tools to help you reclaim and embody your truth, feminine intuition, inner wisdom and personal power.

Queen Sister Check-in Calls

You have the option to be matched with another sister in the program to share about your experience.

This will help deepen a sense of connection within the group and keep you accountable for staying engaged with the program.


I’ve gotten to this place of reclamation, standing in my power and my truth, and experiencing joy and aliveness (we’re talking fulling being in my body, present, speaking and doing from my truest self has become my new normal, but even two years ago that wasn’t true at allllll).


Probably since the day I left Saudi Arabia over 7 years ago and started on this healing and reclamation journey, I watched these leaders taking up space, feeling confident and assertive when they spoke, making an impact by just showing up, these yogis in the class who are taking a full breath into their bodies, these dancers standing on the stage dancing in lingerie, showing skin not for me or any man in the audience but for themselves, these people in relationships with their hearts open to love and life. I wanted it all, I wanted it for myself soooo bad. The authenticity, the impact, the ease of being in their body, the belonging, the freedom.

But the longer I spent in the self & career development world, the more I learned what I "should do", what I "should say" and what is expected of me, more than I learned how to BE my true self and show up as I who am.

It wasn't until I stepped into Embodiment, Somatic Healing and working with the nervous system that everything changed for me. I was BEING instead of  doing. Showing up with embodied leadership instead of fragmented. Revelling in pleasure instead of pressure. Loving & accepting myself instead of self loathing for not meditating that day or saying "the wrong thing", having a lust for life instead of sheltering myself. Growing and expanding into my dreams instead of shrinking them. Standing in my power, in my truth and experiencing immense joy and aliveness.

Do any of these sound like you…  

  • You know in your bones there’s more to you, but you’re feeling stuck and can't seem to access it.

  • You're feeling disconnected from your body, always in your head, calculating the past and your next move. 

  • You feel the need to prove something to everyone; that you are enough, worthy and deserving.

  • You desire to be seen, valued and respected but you're afraid to fail or be rejected.

  • You have the deep desire to be of service to our humanity, but don’t know how to show up, or you’re feeling resistance and you're conflicted about being seen.

  • You desire love, sex and beautiful relationships but keep repeating the same patterns. 

  • You desire wealth and abundance but are feeling stuck and running in the same circles with money. 

  • ​You're harsh on yourself for not being more “feminine”, “creative”, “successful”, or “further ahead”. 

  • You're hiding, keeping yourself small, disowning parts of yourself, and feeling unsafe to show up and be seen.

  • In the face of decisions, you find it hard to access your inner wisdom or can’t differentiate between what is coming from your intuition and truth vs your fears, old patterns and the mind.

  • You can intellectualize what you want/need/should do, but you can’t get yourself to do it.

  • You feel called for deep healing to release fear, shame, guilt, and trauma so that you can step into your power and show up in your truth.

  • You’re lit up by the idea of feeling connected to your body, and having even more pleasure, play, joy and nourishment in your life.

If you felt a "yes" and a resonance in your body, you're in the right place.



Rebirth: Standing in Your Power

A Community of Women Ready to Reclaim Their Power & Make More Impact

In this 8 week journey, I will hold space for you to

  • Deep healing to release fear, guilt, shame, and trauma so that you can expand your sense of freedom to fully express yourself, be and speak with more clarity and power.

  • Cultivate and expand the capacity within your own body to fully own and unleash ALL of you… In ways and depths you have never allowed yourself before or felt safe to step into.

  • Experience your emotions as power, reclaim your sexual power, and show up fully embodied in the bedroom and the boardroom.

  • Deepen your ability to be of service to humanity, learn how to light the fire around your actions, without getting depleted or burnt out.

  • Embrace radical self-love, build greater compassion and resilience within yourself, while bringing greater aliveness, depth and devotion to your relationships and work.


  • Tapping into your inner wisdom, and developing a clear relationship to your intuition vs the mind and your trauma.

  • Embody the identity of a Queen, an 8-week Journey to heal in profound ways from the pain from the past, religious, societal, and political oppression and to set yourself free.


What would it be like to own the truth of who you are and to show up unapologetically?

  • To be a Queen standing in your sovereignty?

  • To have a royal sense of yourself?

  • To claim what’s rightfully yours?

  • To move forward with courage and power "growing into your goal” vs “shrinking your goal”?

  • To be a a Queen who's of service to others, but she tends to herself first and foremost?

  • To accept your humanity and your unique magic in this lifetime?

Join me and other Queens on this Journey! 


Through those roles, I was working with both the Provincial and Federal Government on behalf of BC post-secondary students. In my future, I see politics, a family, and a community of sovereign beings. I show up because I believe that the change I want to see in the world lies within me, and if I show up, if we all show up to heal our bodies, we can heal the world. 

I believe that we have all the wisdom within. I believe that healing is possible for you, me, for all of us. You are worthy of what you desire. You are deserving of all what life has to offer. We all are.


Details about the Program

Module 1 

UNPACKING: The Queen Of Love

Embrace radical self-love, build greater compassion and resilience within yourself, while bringing greater aliveness, depth and devotion to your relationships and work.

  • Anchor into safety and embody radical self love and acceptance.

  • Learn to listen to yourself, knowing the voice of your inner wisdom vs your mind, trauma and conditioning.

  • Cultivate safety, worthiness and belonging within your body

  • Embrace your dark-side and your biggest fears to become powerful and fully expressed in your life

  • Reclaim your power, your inherent worth, innate wisdom, and unconditional love for yourself
  • Who am I? The Thriving Queen Practice.


Module 2 

RECLAMATION: The Queen of Sovereignty

Deep healing to release fear, guilt, shame, and trauma so that you can expand your sense of freedom to fully express yourself, be and speak with more clarity and power.

  • Deepen your connection to your body so that you can experience greater confidence and power in your life. 

  • Liberating family, societal and/or religious dynamics.

  • ​​​Turning your most dreaded emotion into your greatest power.

  • Reclaiming your inherent worthiness of love.

  • Cultivating boundaries: finding your true yes's and no's to life and those around you.

  • Sexual empowerment and body reclamation practices.

Module 3:

ACTIVATION: The Queen of Feminine Power

Emotional Intelligence Mastery and healthy emotional expression of anger, fear, sadness, grief etc.​

  • Tapping into your inner wisdom, and developing a clear relationship to your intuition vs the mind

  • Mending the Broken Heart, removing blockages and fully opening your heart to love and life again.

  • Heal your heart and body so you can open your heart to loves and life and fully delight in all of life’s pleasures

  • The Mental + Emotional + Agency Empowerment
  • Live in an uplifted state of joy, pleasure, and aliveness.

Module 4:

EMBODIED: The Queen of Service

Deepen your ability to be of service to our humanity, learn how to light the fire around your actions. ​​

  • Cultivate and expand the capacity within your own body to fully own and unleash ALL of you

  • Desire, Truth and Confidence as Power

  • Step into your body's consciousness, unleash your creativity, and fully express yourself

  • Embodied Leadership Practice

  • Learning and aligning with your Soul's Purpose

More Details about the Program


Live (zoom) calls are on Sundays at 10:30am PST | 1:30 pm EST | 6:30 pm GMT

We start on March 14th, 2021

The investment 

This 8 week journey is $699 (Canadian dollar + tax included) 


Payment Plans of $37x2 or $250 x3

available HERE!


Early Bird Pricing at $599 until Feb 27

+ Access to Unleash Yourself Goal Setting Workshop ($150 worth)
90 Minutes Private Coaching session with me ($300 worth)


**Justice scale/scholarship is available for those who are indigenous or black**


You know in your bones there’s more to you, to your life, and to your career. You have dreams and visions for yourself, your community, and our humanity. Yet, you are feeling overpowered by your trauma and self doubts. Join us to reclaim your power. Learn how to recognize where you've given your power away, and explore embodied and practical tools and strategies to triumph over your fears and what is holding you back. On this journey, I will guide you through profound tools to embody YOUR truth and stand in YOUR power. So that you can fully show up and flourish in your life and all the ways you serve our humanity.

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Screenshot 2019-11-01 at 4.21.29 PM.png


- What if I fall?

- Oh but my darling, what if you fly?  "


Know that you don't need this, you never needed anything, but if you feel called to join us on this journey, it would be both an honour and a privilege to serve you. Know that you are already powerful! You are pure magic! You are the reason I wake up so hopeful everyday. Sister, Goddess, Queen, I love you. 



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