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  • Build your diverse teams and create a culture of psychological safety, inclusion and belonging where ALL leaders can be audacious, authentic and reach their full potential.


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A few of Amal's keynote topics

Thriving Together: Building a Culture of Psychological Safety, Dignity and Belonging.

We Got This! The 5 Keys for Empowered
Self-Advocacy and
Bold Consious Allyship

Unleashing YOU:
Igniting Porpose, Pleasure and Power for Radical Impact, Influence and Fulfulled Life

Unconscious Bias in AI: Navigating the Hidden Impact and Ethical Challenges

Busting the Bias and Trailblazing the Way for Inclusinve Organizational Culture

Harnessing the Power of Diversity with Trauma-Informed Conflict Resolution, Communicaiton & Conversations that
Bring People Togeher

Amal in Action

Amal uniquely brings in her expertise in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, somatic, and trauma-informed social justice practices allowing her to work at the intersectionality of EDI and psychological well-being in the workplace.
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Pivotal takeaways


Few common goals Amal helps leaders, teams and organizations achieve:

On Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Ideal Audiences: EDI-focused meetings & conferences; Human resources teams; ERG & affinity groups events; Strategic leadership teams starting their EDI journey; Organizations on the journey seeking more tangible change to attract and retain diverse top talents.

  • Empower diverse teams and create a culture of psychological safety, belonging and dignity where leaders can be audacious, authentic and reach their full potential.

  • Engage in trauma-informed conflict resolution, inclusive decision making and conversations that bring people together.​

  • Deepen connection, collaboration, & communication among your diverse team and/or across teams beyond unconscious bias.

  • Understand their unconscious behavioural patterns by understanding their brain and nervous system responses (fight, flight, freeze and fawn) to employ a better understanding of themselves, and how they view and interact with others.

  • Develop their capacity, personal tools and courage to listen, learn and have difficult conversations.

  • Learn how to be a conscious ally and champion to develop the skills to actively support, share your privilege and advocate for marginalized groups.

  • Bust down the echo chambers of beliefs and unconscious bias, understand the reason we don't call out discrimination, draw attention to bias and seek out inclusion for all, and move from awareness to action and encourage those around to do the same.


  • Empowered self-advocacy for themselves and the collective without burnout, and overgiving;
    learn to lean back, not carry the emotional burden alone and build impactful relationships and activate their allies.


  • Establish the next steps for the policy change and the cultural shift needed to reach their equity, diversity and inclusion commitments.

  • Heal and experience greater liberation from the pain from the past, familial, societal and/or systemic dynamics so that they can create reach their full potential. 

  • Have a good laugh, tear up, open their hearts and mind, learn and feel inspired to take action.


Ideal Audiences: Leadership summits; Private and public sector teams, Associations; Leaders and executives; Students and educators;  Entrepreneurs; High potential leaders; Anyone who leads others or wants to influence without authority.

  • Enhance self-awareness, self-management, and emotional intelligence.

  • Maximize leadership presence to build influence and genuinely inspire and engage others.

  • Gain clarity on their Purpose, Career Goals & Life's Vision to fuel and focus their day-to-day action.

  • Recover from perfectionism and introduce more play, creativity and innovation.

  • Learn to ask for help, and when and how to delegate without micro-management.

  • Transition into a new role, build impactful relationships and achieve their career goals. 

  • Break free from the blocks that are holding them from their sharing their unique perspective.

  • Learn to clearly and confidently express their input with empathy and authenticity.

  • Develop their capacity, personal tools and courage to listen, learn and have difficult conversations.

  • Overcome imposter syndrome, take up more space and share their ideas & unique perspective.

  • Unlock their full potential for power, pleasure and impact and cultivate boundaries for a fulfilling work/life balance.

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About amal

Amal was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, covered head to toe since third grade and in a fixed marriage at the age of 18. She moved to Canada at 24 and has transmuted the pain into her power. Today, she is a social justice advocate, somatic coach, TEDx speaker and the CEO & Founder of I’m All Courage. She has been recognized as a Top 40 Under 40 when she had just turned 30, got featured on Nasdaq as a Woman Leader to Watch, and had the privilege of meeting Oprah.

Amal knew she wanted to be a public speaker since she was 19, at a time when she was still in Saudi Arabia, in a fixed marriage, covered head to toe, and her voice was considered forbidden to be heard in public. She took the stage for the first time in 2016 and has been public speaking internationally at small to large events, her largest to date is 2000+ audience members in 2019. 
Her inspiring story, resilience and courage always inspire her audience to live and lead outside the lines, become agents of change and advocate for women's empowerment, equity, diversity and inclusion.

Amal's expertise is at the intersection of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) and wellness in the workplace. Through her deep understanding of EDI, neuroscience, somatic & trauma-informed practices, she is able to connect these domains in a meaningful and impactful way for the audience. 

Learn more about Amal & her work...
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Some of what
others have said...

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"Amal delivered her riveting and emotional keynote address and captured our group’s undivided attention. Our attendees were engaged throughout the event, as Amal asked participants to reflect on their own lives and experiences. The group left feeling inspired and ready to seek out their next defining moment. Following the event, I received numerous messages from my colleagues about how much they enjoyed the evening and Amal’s message. We will certainly keep Amal in mind for future workshops and events!"

Jennifer Meyer, RBC

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"Amal’s presence is raw, powerful and captivating.  Amal was able to highlight our vision and theme of the event throughout her keynote and to drive the message back to the audience in a creative and purposeful way. Her story really resonated with our audience and we were able to see this through the positive feedback received during and after the event. Through our social media analytics, we found that Amal's posts generated good engagement on our social media. She was the energy and inspiration that our event needed. We would be honoured to welcome back Amal for future events!"

Kate Ogorova,Central Okanagan E. Fry Society

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I've seen Amal as a keynote speaker & facilitator at multiple events and workshops. I believe it's her authenticity and true vulnerability that allows her to so effectively connect with her audience. She speaks from the heart, using her own life story and experiences to inspire others in a way that doesn't feel forced, and that captivates the room. Her genuine desire to uplift others to live their best lives and to be courageous in going beyond boundaries is woven through all of her work. I've taken something different and special away each time I've heard Amal speak, and find her to be a powerful and genuine leader at a time when people, particularly women, need it most.

Mandy Glinsbockel, An award-winning documentary and portrait photographer

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