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The liberated leader

A luxurious mastermind to unlock your full potential for power, pleasure and 

Be a part of this intimate group of

Six Women

be inn you feminine radiance, Confidence is boring

  Let´s get you wild, commanding respect, in your untamed self expression.

Risk-taking, audacious and confident/.

Gushing with pleasure, surrender and ease

I have a good eye, and I can pierce through your fight, flight, freeze and fawn. I'll hold you in love and acceptance, work with your body, while also expanding you into your next stage of success.

 Let this space soothe and stretch your nervous system into your wildest dreams, to receive your desires, and to build your legacy here on earth.

From control & anxiety to surrender and trust. From overworked & exhausted to play & pleasure. From over thining to intuition.   

It would be my absolute honor and pussy throbbing pleasure to guide you on this journey.


Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 11_edited.jpg
Eucalyptus Branch

This is for you if:

  • You care so deeply about creating a better world.

  • You are a rebel, a cycle breaker, a patriarchy smasher, and you live (wanna) life by your own rules.

  • You are ambitious, creative & a high achiever, but you crave more pleasure, sensuality and play in your life. 

  • You've healed, overcame and integrated a lot, and you are ready for your untamed & wild self.

  • You still hold yourself back, shrink, play small, downsize your dreams and desires and feel unsafe to show up and be seen in your power.

  • You're feeling some disconnection from your body, you're in your head, calculating the past & your next move.

  • You're hard on yourself for not being more “feminine”, ” sexual”, “creative”, or “further ahead”. 

  • You feel called for deep healing to release fear, shame, guilt, and trauma so that you can step into your power and show up in your deepest truth.

  • You’re lit up by the idea of feeling connected to your body and having even more pleasure, play, joy and nourishment in your life.

  • Cultivate safety, worthiness and belonging within your body and expand your capacity to have it all, hold it all, and to do it grounded in pleasure and trust.

  • You’re ready to step into your Queendom, take your thrown and redefine power. From power over to power together. 

  • You want to finally own and embody what it means to be a feminine leader in the world. Including your feminine prowess, financial abundance and visibility. 

  • You’re ready to invest and BET on yourself in a BIG way — and want to make this year the best year of your life - boldly claiming your desires and dreams.

  • You love to invest in yourself, and it's time to invest in your desires and dreams

  • You're done trying to do it alone, you're craving support, meaningful connection, and expansion by fierce women by your side as you step into the next level version of yourself. 

  • You are ready for your bold, wild and untamed self-expression.​

If you felt an "OH YES!!" or resonance in your body, you're in the right place.

You desire to be seen, known, and well-paid.
It's time to live up to your desires and bring them to life!

I went from 
I'm mind blown. I had failed launches & sales calls, I spent months afraid of failure, of more rejections, in burnout.. months of hiding. The worst part was that I tried to do it alone. Feeding into my inner child wound rather than allowing myself to be supported.

Join us to remember in community that you're worthy and deserving of your deepest desires. That they are your birthright. Join us to be supported, loved, expanded, and revel in ease, surrender & pleasure.
Eucalyptus Branch

You will

Experience confidence, trust & courage in ways you never have before in your body & business.

Experience deep and true alignment between your body, mind and soul; creating an internal ecology of thriving so that you can show up, take action, and get clients with more ease, flow and grounded courage.

Unpack the One Belief that runs your life, sexuality & desires. 

Hold more pleasure, be in your untamed expression


From control & anxiety to surrender and trust.

From here to the WILD & Untamed you.

From overworked & exhausted to play & pleasure.


From overthinking to intuition.   

Sexual liberation is your next spiritual journey, You're going to heal sisterhood & siblinghood woundings, money wounds, the healer that feels guilty charging money for this work

We will introduce you to the Feminine Intelligence Model of Power, guiding women back to their power using ancient feminine wisdom and practices, pleasure and somatic techniques, mindset shifts and strategic capabilities.

  • In every session, we will dive into a different tool of Feminine Intelligence that will directly apply to whatever's going on in your life. You will practice these tools in sisterhood and on your own time. 

  • The mindset shifts and embodied states you have will be palpable immediately and some will take more time to integrate and settle. 

  • You will learn to tap into your body’s wisdom so you can understand your body’s cues for information and guidance. 

  • You will strengthen your emotional intelligence so that no matter the cermcomsantces, you remain centred, calm and connected to ease

  • You will learn to access your “pussy power” as your creative center, in addition to being able to more confidently express what you want in any room you walk into.

  • You will strengthen your sisterhood and feel the power of being in community with women you trust and respect and know intimately. 

                     (But I can't because you also have to show up, open your heart up to receive, and we gotta give it up to your Body, to the Goddess, and the Universe)

What I almost want to promise you
The journey:


Learn to lead with your feminine leadership, alongside a fearless pack of sisters at the top of their game

  • Monthly 1:1 Activation Sessions with Amal 

  • Monthly 3 Virtual Group Coaching Call (9 total)

  • Private WhatsApp Group to share celebrations, ask for support and work through any challenges 

  • Guest Teachers, on financial abundance, launching your ideas in the world using the birthing process, sexuality experts, visibility experts 

    Next Cohort launching Jan 2023.

The Letting Go / The Release 

  • Anchoring into Safety & Radical Self Love

  • Liberating the Family Dynamics & Healing the Mother and/or Father Wounds

  • Healing the Inner Child

  • Mending the Broken Heart from past relationships & removing blockages

  • Turning your most dreaded emotion into your greatest power

  • M1: Queendom

    • Live call: Unleash Yourself (reflecting on the past, finding purpose, journaling desires + 111 live lists, selecting top 3 priorities)

    • Homework: Patterns learnt + forgiveness list? 15 min self-love meditation

  • M2: / M4
    Radical Self-love

    • Live practice: Core belief, giving ourselves our needs, /inner child healing/ Embracing our light & shadow self + Breathwork 

    • Homework: Mirror work - List what I love about me - Breast massage, 15 min self-love meditation

  • M3: New World/New Sexual Reality
    Reframing core words about sex and our bodies,

  • FS M2 connection/love about body, disconnection/hate, 

  • Healing with the feminine: I sit in front of you representing women in your life, what have I done to you? how have I pained and ramed you (2 ppl exercises).  

    • Heart Opening /

  • The chakra meditation, receiving this

  • Homework: Seen, Connected, Committed

  • APRIL M3: Emotions 

    • Homework: emotions associations

    • Live practice: emotions expresion

What's Included in this
3-month mastermind
Tropical Leaves

9 modules
A private 60-minute intensive to get to know you, the bones of your business, your offerings (existing & alive inside of you) and your desires. Reflecting you the gabs, your strengths and giving you feedback on 3 core shifts to make.

9 Group Calls
9 Group coaching calls, led by Amal, where you'll

(Tuesdays 2pm PT
Opening ceremony Nov 15)

Three 1:1 Monthly
Three 60-min calls w/ Amal To drop into your body, and bring you into a new embodied paradigm to match your desires.
Or we can look at your content and business.

Bi-weekly 1-Hour Crownmind Pods
Breaking into groups of 4,
15min each, to brainstorm, get feedback, be witnessed and connect together.

6 Modules
Amal's Unleash Yourself program, embodiment practices, playbooks, and journaling prompts.



Intimate FB Group
To get feedback, support, and share your celebrations, clearings and luscious desires between calls.


Mon-Fri 12pm-6pm PT

Tropical Leaves

Why with me?

Hi, I'm Amal! For the past 8 years, I studied everything goal setting, habits, strategy, self-care and pleasure. I have mastered the process. I've set & committed to my resolutions & goals, while I also have flowed, adopted & altered plans in moments of deep listening and in flow with our ever-changing world.

I've written a book (now editing!), given a TEDx talk, started a successful business, completed certifications, played, curled in shame, rose and crashed, stood up and shined in front of 2500+ people on a stage.
And the journey continues.


 To give you perspective, I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, moved to Canada in 2013, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. Today, I am a Sexuality, Pleasure, and Embodied Leadership Coach. I am featured on TEDx, named Top 40 Under 40, and on Nasdaq as a Woman Leader to Watch.
Oh, and I met Oprah about a month ago.. It's been wild.

My transmission is deep, wild, wet, brave and juicy AF.

Heart beating & pussy throbbing kinda happy!
  • Pay In Full

  • Queen Kyle

    Valid for 7 days
  • Extended Plan

    Every month
    Valid for 6 months
(Early bird Pricing)
3 monthly payments
(Early bird Pricing)
Price will increase to $3500 
(Early bird Pricing)
6 monthly payments
Miracles & Ease

(aka THE JUICY AF bonus!)

Get featured on Thrive Global
Over 50 million monthly global audience. 

As a contrubuter to the magazine (Yes, I brag!), I can feature you!
You can share your expertise, establish yourself as an expert and gain authority
You can write 1,2, or even 3 articles. (Yes, we'll brainstorm ideas together)


[                                          ]

  YOU, ME, and 7 Pussy Owners  
Move towards your desires and vision with
 pleasure,  and up-level the ways you show up to yourself, your business and your purpose here on earth.

Over thinking it?
Not sure it's for you?
Feeling it won't work for you?

Over 70 clients have gone through my process that I'm teaching in The Crownmind,
Some keep coming every year. Here's what others have said:

Tropical Leaves

"Amal’s program was worth every dollar I paid and more. I came away with a clear vision for my business for the next week, month, quarter, year, and beyond! The embodiment tools, visualization exercises, and strong leadership all contributed to an valuable experience. Amal has a uniquely capable, fun, beautiful voice among others in the motivational and time management space!"
- Kyle Melody @kylemelody

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Tropical Leaves

"With an incredible blend of depth, gentleness and thoroughness, Amal leads you on a journey that guides you to discover the most important focus of your life path right now. I found the whole process to be enjoyable and rewarding in showing me the gems I need to polish this year going forward into the life I desire. Highly recommended way to get clarity and a detailed map of your year ahead!" - Meredith McKelvie, Sex, Love and Relationship Coach

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Tropical Leaves

"Insightful, practical, and soulful. It was an incredible way to set my business and my year on track. This was different than other goal-setting courses that I'd taken before. Rather than just skimming the surface of intention and goal setting, Amal's course dove deep. It helped me better focus and structure the important things I want to strive for in my life, and how each priority looked like. While at the same time helped me reflect on the underlying challenges and core beliefs that are holding me back from seeing my dreams come true. I would recommend this course to anyone ready to get real with themselves to start to move their business forward for the better."
- R.L, Founder & CEO

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Tropical Leaves

"I have done goal setting the wrong way all this time! Which explains why I've failed over & over again. Amal's program had each part of the puzzle laid out so intentionally with purpose. Her brilliant program, deep knowledge of goal setting, inner and outer game left me feeling both equipped and empowered. THIS IS THE PROGRAM worth your investemnt, and I highly recommend it. I know this year is going to be different; I deeply feel elevated, focused & aligned." - Mariam K.

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