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It's time to reclaim your power and make more impact. 

1:1 somatic coaching for ambitious women and femmes leaders 

Confidence is boring.

 Step into your next levels of success & leadership; confident, aligned and brave.

Let´s get you wild, commanding respect, in your untamed self-expression.

The world needs more Courageous Liberated Leaders.
Hi, Welcome!
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do those resonate?

  • You are a rebel, a cycle breaker, and you care so deeply about creating a better world.

  • You don't ask for help, you over-give, over-deliver and it never feels like it's enough - leaving you depleted, unrecognized & overwhelmed.
  • You have crafted and engineered who you should be at work,  but it's not the real you.


  • You're feeling some disconnection from your body, you're in your head, calculating the past, your next move and everything on your to-do list.

  • You've silenced your voice, emotions and intuition, lest you rock the boat too much, lest they think you're "too emotional", "not a good fit", and jeopardize that promotion.
  • You desire to use your voice and share you unique perspective, but you're unclear, afraid of saying the wrong thing or feeling like an imposter.

  • You still hold yourself back, shrink, play small, and downsize your achievements.


  • You're hard on yourself for not being more “confident”, “creative”, or “further ahead”. 

  • You can intellectualize what you want to do or say but can’t get yourself to do it.


  • You are a high achiever, but you crave more pleasure, creativity and play in your life. 

  • You've healed and overcome a lot, but you still know in your bones there's more to you.

  • You’re lit up by the idea of feeling connected to yourself and having even more confidence, creativity and courage, to lead, and take up space.

If you felt an "OH YES!!" or resonance in your body, you're in the right place.


Common goals Amal helps clients experience and achieve as a result of coaching: 

  • Build greater confidence to take up more space, speak up and share your gifts/voice, ideas and unique perspective.

  •  Step into your next levels of success & leadership; confident, aligned and brave.

  • Embrace your scariest emotions and biggest fears to become powerful and fully expressed in your leadership, life and work.

  • Experience greater freedom & liberation from the pain from the past, familial, societal dynamics and/or systemic inequalities.​​

  • Cultivating boundaries: finding your true yes's and no's to life and those around you.

  • Engage in generative conflict and restorative difficult conversations that bring people together.​

  • Connect to your express your needs, ask for help, your boundaries, your negotiations,

  • Learn to speak up, advocate for yourself and the collective, and build impactful relationships and allies for a more inclusive world for all of us to belong, thrive and reach our highest potential. 

  • Learn how to lean back, activate your team and allies, and not carry the emotional burden alone.

  • Experience being in a flow state more often, creative and innovative. 

  • Lead from your feminine inelegance, untamed creativity, revelling in pleasure and ease.

  • Negotiate better pay, communicate heart-centred boundaries, and lead by example.

  • You’re ready for a big, bold, fully expressed you. 

  • Learn your needs, to ask for help and when/how to delegate without micro-managing. 

  • fully connect with your intuition, power, and voice to confidently express your needs, grow impactful relationships, and take the lead on your life.

  • Heal, mend and fully open your heart to lead, support, and be supported.

  • Cultivate psychological safety, worthiness and belonging within your body to be YOU.


  • expand your capacity to "do it all" & "have it all" grounded in pleasure, ease and trust.

  • Learn to listen to yourself, the voice of your intuition, vs your mind, fears, trauma and conditioning.

  • Build greater compassion and resilience within yourself, while bringing greater aliveness, depth and devotion to your leadership, relationships and life.

If you felt a "YES" or a resonance in your body, you're in the right place.

_bratwuurst and modelled by _eleanorysab

Your next levels of evolution and success will come from sexual healing and liberation, your inner courage and your dedication to 

reaching your highest potential.

Art by @bratwuurst, modelled by @eleanorysabelle

I’ve spent almost a decade and over 10,000 hours healing, teaching and overcoming religious, societal and political oppression. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and I got into a fixed marriage at the age of 18. I filed for divorce and moved to Canada in 2013, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. On my journey, I've been redefining the past, reclaiming my body, opening my heart to love and life again. It is my mission to help creatives and leaders reclaim their power and stand in their sovereignty. I truly believe that if we heal our body, we heal the systems that no longer systems, heal the world, and birth new systems and ways of being. 


1:1 Coaching Journey

areas of support

  • Feminine Leadership, Confidence & Untamed Self-expression.

  • Trauma Healing, Liberation and Reclamation.

  • Courageous Leadership; voice, presence and action.

What's included?

Seven Months Journey, 22 sessions

A 90-minute Opening Ceremony

Twenty 90-minute 1:1 Virtual Coaching Sessions (3 calls per month) 

+ "Homework" and support between sessions

 A Closing Ceremony 

Marble Surface

​How would it look to work together?

When we step into a journey to work intimately together, I first focus on truly seeing you: your life, your identities, your greatest pains, your greatest gifts, your deepest desires, and your personal goals.


Together, we’ll explore the areas of your life where you’ve given your power to pain from the past, fears, familial, societal, religious, cultural conditionings, heartbreaks, blockages, resistance, unhealthy patterns, self-imposed “glass ceilings” and limiting beliefs. 

From there, we're focused on integration and alignment. Through practices that work with your nervous system, we’ll gain clarity on what’s really going on, what’s yours, what needs to be tended to and integrated, and what needs to be removed and released. We will start mapping out personalized practices, aligned inner and outer action steps, and form accountability measures for deep support and encouragement. 

As we focus on embodying your truest self, standing in your authentic power, and moving from your own inner wisdom. We will create an ecology of thriving, as we build greater confidence, compassion, belonging, safety and freedom within ourselves. We will step into potent elevating practices to reprogram your nervous system so that you can live in an uplifted state of joy, pleasure, aliveness & confidence. We will make sure that we give your nervous system the maximum ease to step into healing that is truly nourishing and sustainable.​​​


So, how does it work?

This process works by honouring and integrating all parts of you. It works by loving all parts of you.  It works by learning to trust the wisdom of your body. You are already worthy of what you desire. You are so deserving of all that life has to offer. You're worth it, you don't have to do anything to earn it.  You are inherently loveable, you are love itself! Nothing to be fixed or changed, nothing broken, nothing less.

I believe that we have all the wisdom from within. I believe that connecting to your body, to your answers within, and to making life YOURS is possible for you. ​

 Here's what I'm here to offer you:

  • Radical love and acceptance-based container for you to come as you are.

  • ​A road map of personalized practices​ to move through the 7 months, while also honouring what comes up, what's present in your life, and what the body is offering to heal and integrate, as well as where you desire to thrive and expand.

  • A framework for alignment and clarity to connect to your body, your wisdom, your soul and your mission in this world.

  • Potent elevating practices to heal and reprogram your nervous system so that you can experience safety, worthiness, and belonging within your body, and live in an uplifted state of pleasure, radiance and confidence.

  • Powerful somatic tools to reclaim your sexual ​power, stand in your sovereignty and be unapologetically you so that you share your unique gifts with the world, be seen, and acknowledged for your work.

  • Exquisite and profoundly safe and brave space to untame your self-expression, experience dripping juicy creativity, and feel empowered to take aligned action​ towards your desires.

So if you desire a space to be vulnerable, open, and 100% you... If you want deep support, guidance and encouragement from me ... And you’re ready to claim your highest desires and feel FREE inside and out…Then this is the coaching journey for you!


Ready to take the next step?
If you know you want high-level private support from me, the next step is to get on my calendar, we'll connect for a free courageous consultation call to make sure this work is in alignment and feels right for you. 

If you're not sure where to start and feeling curious, we'll let's figure it out together ;)

I’ve spent almost a decade and over 10,000 hours healing, teaching and overcoming religious, societal and political oppression. Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, I got into a fixed marriage at the age of 18. In 2013, I filed for divorce and moved to Canada, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toes. On my journey, I've been redefining the past, reclaiming my body, opening my heart to love and life again, and showing up to be in service to our humanity. It is my mission to help creatives and leaders reclaim their power and stand in their sovereignty. I truly believe that if we heal our body, we can heal the systems that no longer serve, heal the world, and birth new systems and ways of being. 

My Commitment to Your Growth


I am so turned on and fired up by people choosing to heal. It takes courage, and sometimes it's not easy, but we are willing. I celebrate you for making it here and now. You are already so brave, so strong, brilliant and so beautiful.

I will never teach you who you should be, tell you what to do, or judge you for anything you've done, still doing, or not doing yet. I commit to offer you loving reflections and hold a safe and brave space for you heal yourself, find your own unique magic, find your answers within you, live the life you truly desire, and show up to make more impact.


I have immense trust in the tools, practices and healing methodologies that we are going to follow in your coaching journey. That said, I would like to extend to you a %100 Refund Guarantee if it feels like there was no return on your investment. This will come into effect after the 7the session. You could ask for your refund. No questions asked. I say this in trust that you will show up to our sessions and your practices in between with openness and curiosity. ​​

I believe that we have all the wisdom within. I believe that healing is possible for you, me, for all of us. You are worthy of what you desire. You are deserving of all that life has to offer. We all are.




"The sessions I had with Amal have been incredibly transformative. I felt so seen and safe, even with things that felt incredibly vulnerable. The way in which she would guide me through a session and somehow give me exactly what I needed in that moment is magic and so pure. I have seen a number of therapists and coaches and I have never had such incredible breakthroughs, healing and change in my life as I have since seeing Amal. She helped empower me to reclaim my sexuality and experience healing. I am eternally grateful for Amal"

- Bree, Canada

"After six months of coaching with Amal, I feel powerful and "worth it", and have several tools and exercises I will continue to access to support my personal development. Amal had an exceptional ability to bring out my deepest and raw emotions in a safe space to work through my self-worth issues. I was able to release some deep-rooted anger and hurt from family and relationships. I have confidence that I did not have prior to meeting Amal that will support me in moving forward with healthy relationships and to the next phase of my business. Amal is a beautiful person inside and out. Her authentic personality and her deep desire to help others makes her an exceptional coach, and she is a lot of fun!"

- D.Y, Canada

"Amal's space holding was brilliant and intuitive. I am often skeptical about online things as I am someone that really values face-to-face interaction and connection so I was pleasantly surprised to feel very connected to Amal. She weaved the sessions in a remarkably intuitive way and would lead things in the direction I needed. I felt safe and soothed in the space she created, but also stretched and challenged (in a good way). I gained a lot of insight into myself, and it has shone some light on some of my habitual behaviours and deep-rooted emotions stored in my body. She encouraged and empowered me. It allowed the truth and significance of it to sink in more deeply."

- Kate, UK

"I loved working with Amal! It was a very transformative experience and helped me during a very difficult period in my life. She took the time to build a connection with me in the first couple of sessions which created a safe and brave space for me to be vulnerable. Her exercises helped me tap into sides of myself that I did not know existed. Amal has incredible wisdom and provided important insights into my experiences. She taught me how to sit with difficult emotions, and gave me a space and permission to dance my heart out. She helped me tap into my sensory experiences and I was able to connect with my inner Goddesses that help guide me through life. I highly recommend working with Amal!"

- Shell.


I'm nothing but a few clicks away. Come as you are, all of you is welcomed, loved, safe and deeply honoured.

Say YES, or follow that part of you that's whispering the yes

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- What if I fall?

- Oh but my darling, what if you fly?  "

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