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Inner courage


unlock your full potential for power, pleasure and impact

A community of women in leadership ready to reclaim their power & make more impact.

1:1 somatic coaching for rising & established leaders & creatives who want to take up space, speak up and step into the
next levels of success; confident, aligned & brave.

Let this space soothe your nervous system into your
biggest goals to build your legacy here on earth.

It would be my absolute honour & true pleasure

to guide you on this journey. 


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Eucalyptus Branch

Women Leadership Program

8 weeks / 8 live virtual sessions​

  • Connect to your Purpose, Career Goals & Life's Vision and get ready for audacious action.

  • Recover from perfectionism and introduce more play, creativity and innovation.

  • Calmly and confidently express what you want and need in any room you walk into.

  • Radical self-care, self-acceptance, and pleasure for bigger impact.

  • Own your unique talents, shine in your authentic & wholehearted leadership

  • Learn how to ask for help so that you're better equipped, focused, supported and have more capacity to achieve your goal.

  • Overcome imposter syndrome, share your unique perspective and go after the projects you want

  • Learn the art of giving and receiving feedback

  • Build impactful relationships, activate your network of champions and allies 

  • Cultivating boundaries:

  • and how to delegate without micro-managing

  • Following your intuition, amplifying your feminine intelligence and speak your true yes's and no's,

  • Build greater confidence, trust & courage to take up more space in your authentic self-expression, speak up and share your gifts, ideas & unique perspective.

  • Elevate your emotional intelligence and your nervous system's capacity so that no matter what the circumstances, you remain calm, present and able to speak up when needed.

  • Engage in generative conflict and restorative conversations that bring people together.​

  • Foster greater empathy, compassion and resilience within yourself, while also bringing greater depth, aliveness and devotion to your leadership, relationships and life.​

  • Negotiate better pay, command respect, establish power together, and lead by example. 

  • to fuel your leadership and gain more influence

  • Expand your capacity to "do it all" & "have it all" grounded in pleasure, devotion and trust.

If you felt a "YES!!" or a resonance in your body, you're in the right place.
It's time to BET BIG on yourself, live up to your potential and bring your wild dreams to life!

Eucalyptus Branch

Common goals Amal helps clients achieve:

If you felt a "YES!!" or a resonance in your body, you're in the right place.
It's time to BET BIG on yourself, live up to your potential and bring your wild dreams to life!



​We must recognize the historical legacies and current realities of systemic inequalities, gender-based violence and the chronic disempowerment that BIPOC, women, leaders and creatives who live outside of the gender binary, LGBTQ2+, neurodivergent & other historically marginalized folks face every waking moment of every day. This work is to heal and cultivate your Inner Power. Together, you will:

  • Cultivate psychological safety, worthiness and belonging within your body to be YOU.

  • Experience greater freedom & liberation from the pain from the past, familial, societal and/or systemic dynamics.​​ ​

  • Embrace your scariest emotions and biggest fears to become powerful and fully expressed in your leadership, life and work.

  • Activate your Power Within with courage, radical self-love & acceptance, so that you can reach your highest potential.

  • Learn to listen to yourself & the voice of your intuition vs your mind, fears, trauma and conditioning, so that you speak and take action while staying with the integrity of what's true to you.

  • Advocate for yourself and the collective from overflow rather than depletion, overgiving and constant fighting.

  • Learn to lean back and not carry the emotional burden; build impactful relationships and activate your allies, while you also find nourishment, pleasure & joy as your birthright.

Some of the embodied states and mindset shifts will be palpable immediately and some will take more time to integrate and flourish.
Eucalyptus Branch

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do those resonate?

  • You are a trailblazer, a cycle breaker, and you care so deeply about creating a better world.


  • You get stuck in go-and-do mode, and you crave more pleasure, play, flow and creativity.


  • You have crafted and engineered who you should be at work,  but it's not the real you.


  • You've achieved a lot, but you still hold yourself back, shrink, play small, and sometimes even feel like an imposter.


  • You don't ask for help, you over-give, over-deliver and it never feels like it's enough - leaving you depleted, unrecognized & overwhelmed.


  • You've silenced your voice, emotions and intuition, lest you rock the boat too much, lest they think you're "too emotional", or "not a good fit", and jeopardize that promotion.​


  • You're hard on yourself for not being more “confident”, “creative”, "focused", or “further ahead”.


  • You're feeling some disconnection from your body, you're in your head, calculating the past, your next move and everything on your to-do list.


  • You can intellectualize what you need to do or say but can’t get yourself to do it.


  • You've achieved, healed and overcome a lot, but you still know in your bones there's more to you.


  • You’re lit up by the idea of feeling connected to yourself and having even more confidence, creativity and courage, to lead, live and take up space in your wild untamed self-expression.

If you felt an "OH YES!!!" or resonance in your body, you're in the right place

 You will come on the other side feeling audacious, Playful & powerful;
while also feeling grounded, centred, and gushing with pleasure, ease & creativity.

Hi! Welcome! I’ve gotten to this place of "high-achievement", reclamation, standing in my power and my truth, and experiencing exuberance, joy and pleasure (we’re talking fully being in my body, present, speaking and doing from my truest self has become my new normal, but even three years ago that wasn’t true at allllll).


Probably since the day I left Saudi Arabia over 9 years ago and started on this healing and reclamation journey, I watched these leaders taking up space, feeling confident and assertive when they spoke, commanding respect and attention, and making an impact by just showing up with their hearts open to love and life. I wanted it all, I wanted it for myself soooo bad. The authenticity, the impact, the ease of being in their body, the belonging, the freedom.

But the longer I spent in the personal & professional development world, the more I learned what I "should do", what I "should say" and what is expected of me, rather than learning how to BE MYSELF and show up as who I truly am. I spent months afraid of failure, of rejection, and so I kept on hiding and playing small. I spent years of wearing a mask pretending while I was not doing okay, years chasing, feeling like it's not enough until I have that training or that certification. So, I kept "running", always trying to prove something to someone. And the worst part was that I tried to do it alone, I felt like asking for help will expose me to everyone how little I know, and how much I was still needing to "figure out" or "get it together".

It wasn't until I stepped into embodiment, somatic coaching and working with the nervous system that everything CHANGED for me. I was BEING instead of doing. Showing up embodied instead of fragmented. Revelling in pleasure instead of pressure. Loving & accepting myself instead of self-loathing for not meditating that day or saying "the wrong thing", having a lust for life instead of sheltering myself. Growing and expanding into my goals instead of shrinking them. Taking focused actions toward my purpose and my biggest goals. Standing in my power and experiencing immense joy, courage and confidence. Asking for help and allowing myself to be supported, the support that now has gotten me further because I leaned into incredible mentors and friends who embody radical generosity.

 To give you perspective, I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, and was in a fixed marriage at 18. In 2013, I filed for divorce, and moved to Canada, 24 years old and fully covered from head to toe. Today, I am featured on TEDx, Top 40 Under 40, and on Nasdaq as a Woman Leader to Watch. Oh.. and I met Oprah summer of 2022..  It's been wild! My journey continues... but now I get to bring other courageous women and femmes along with me. Let's create magic at the intersection of your professional, creative and personal life!


Image by Linh Le
Heart beating fast & can't stop smiling kind of happy!

Your Purpose, Your Life Vision & Your Roadmap Plan

Let's get you to u
p-level, move with purpose, power & pleasure,
and build your legacy here on earth.
Miracles & Ease


You know in your bones there’s more to you, to your life, and to your career. You have dreams and visions for yourself, your community, and our humanity. Yet, you are feeling overpowered by your trauma and self-doubts. Join us to reclaim your power. Learn how to recognize where you've given your power away, and explore embodied and practical tools and strategies to triumph over your fears and what is holding you back. On this journey, I will guide you through profound tools to embody YOUR truth and stand in YOUR power. So that you can fully show up and flourish in your life and all the ways you serve our humanity.

Over thinking it?
Not sure it's for you?
Feeling it won't work for you?
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